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Willard Van Orman Quine Guest Book Volume 3

Willard van Orman Quine - Guest Book Volume 3. Each guest book item includes initials of the sender, the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in my Family Web Site Ring:

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    Willard Van Orman Quine Guest Book Volume 3
    February 22, 2000 - June 20, 2003

    1. [WVQ-A] Feb 22, 2000 "Wonderful Memories" (found site through: A friend told me about it.) --- Spring semester 1998 I took a seminar on Professor Quine's Word and Object taught by Daniel C. Dennett at Tufts University. Professor Quine was gracious enough to attend several of our meetings. A lecture series was held in conjunction with the seminar. After each lecture there would be a dinner party. I was fortunate enough to sit next to Professor Quine on one of these occasions; in fact, I suggested the Shrimp Curry, a choice he found quite agreeable. Furthermore, he allowed me to finish his last shrimp! Truly a semester full of wonderful experiences never to be forgotten. Thank you Professor Quine. from Matthew M. Konig --- Email: mmkonig (at) aol.com
    2. [WVQ-A] Feb 27, 2000 (found site through: yahoo!) --- Is Quine still at Harvard? from Jonathan Tsou --- Email: tsou (at) sfu.ca ; jontsou (at) hotmail.com
    3. [WVQ-A] Mar 2, 2000 "Books by Quine (e.g. Two Dogmas of Empiricism; Necessary Truth)" (found site through: msn) --- Can someone tell me where I can find e-texts of Quine's work. I mean, someones put the entire works of Bertrand Russell on-line, surely someone's done the same with this guy! from Five-0 --- Email: five-0 (at) oceanfree.net Web Page: https://www.mp3.com/five-0/ and https://www.geocities.com/niamundo/>
    4. [WVQ-A] Mar 2, 2000 "W V Quine writings online" (found site through: I'm the webmaster) --- The Quine writing are not online in e-texts because the author is alive and the writings remain under copyright and are still being distributed by their respective publishers. Several publishers are discussing the possibility of electronic distribution but that has not yet developed. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.wvquine.org/wv-quine.html
    5. [WVQ-A] Mar 3, 2000 "Philosophy of Science" (found site through: alta vista) --- Quine has influenced me greatly in my views of science as a theory of knowledge and has been influencial in my decision to pursue the philosophy of science, particularly, the philosophy of evolution. from Joseph Erasmus Mikhael --- Email: joseph_mikhael (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://www.genetics.uottawa.ca/joseph/
    6. [WVQ-A] Mar 23, 2000 "Important" (found site through: Ya.com) --- Hello. I am Rosa, I am spanish and I study informaty , I have that do a homework of Quine, Willard van Ormand and I would like that you help me You can send me any information. Thank you. from Rosa Mª Losada Olivera --- Email: roma.losadolive (at) alum.uca.es
    7. [WVQ-A] Mar 27, 2000 (found site through: Altavista) --- I met Dr. Quine at Berkeley after a lecture he gave at the university. My brother, who had been a philosophy student, admired his work very much. So I bought a copy of "From a Logical Point of View" before the talk to see if Dr. Quine might sign it for my brother. After the lecture, which was well beyond my grasp, I asked Dr. Quine if he could sign the book. He very kindly agreed and signed it "To Brad, W.V.O. Quine." I don't know if my brother believed me that the signature was real! from Chris Logg --- Email: logg (at) hsc.usc.edu Web Page: https://www-hsc.usc.edu/~logg/
    8. [WVQ-A] Mar 30, 2000 "works on Quine" --- I suggest you to include in the works on Quine's bibliography this: Revue Internationale de Philosophie Volume 51, n. 202, 4/1997 (Decembre). It's a number dedicated to Quine containing 7 essays on Quine (by J. Hintikka, J.J.C. Smart, S. Haak, A. Orenstein, H. Lewis and D. Holdcroft, S. Laugier, M. Launer) and his responses. Best Regards, from Giancarlo Zanet --- Email: gzanet (at) yahoo.com
    9. [WVQ-A] Apr 2, 2000 "Van Orman" --- father Archie Lindsey Van Orman dob 12/21/05 dod 10/12/65 place of bith Waverly ny grand father James Henry Van Orman dob 1876 dod 2/21/29 place of birth ithaca ny great grandfather jarrid Van Orman dob 1849 dod 1925 place of birth stroudsburge pa place of death ithaca ny great great grand father James Henry Van Orman living in stroudaburg pa 1850 from john l van orman --- Email: johnlpamm (at) webtv.net
    10. [WVQ-A] Apr 15, 2000 "THE BEST SITE IN THE WORLD!" (found site through: MINE) --- BWRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA from steve --- Email: steve_wilband (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://wwww.angelfire.com/co3/wc/
    11. [WVQ-A] Apr 18, 2000 "Me" (found site through: AOL) --- This is an awesome page. from Micky --- Email: MickyMusic (at) aol.com Web Page: https://www.homestead.com/mickymusic/home.html
    12. [WVQ-A] Apr 25, 2000 "Boynton family connection" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- Mother-in-law, Jenny Mae Boynton(BD1012/1906-D1/7/1998) was a grandaughter of Jonah Charles Boynton, Jr, and Elizabeth Oswalt (Deceased 1908)who lived in Freeport, Illinois area in 1860's. I am looking for earlier connections of Boynton/Boiynton familes. You have a very wonderful website. Hopefully, I will find some connections in the near future. Sincerely, Betty from Elizabeth A. Mack --- Email: subettyve (at) qconline.com
    13. [WVQ-A] May 4, 2000 "creatures w/ kidneys" (found site through: netscape) --- What is Quine actually trying to prove with his arguements about how referring to creatures with a heart and one with a kidney are the same creatures buut mean different things? Thank you, Jameson from Jameson Furey --- Email: randysrocket (at) netscape.net
    14. [WVQ-A] May 9, 2000 "Thank you" (found site through: msn) --- Thank you Professor Quine for "Methods of Logic" and "The Ways of Paradox". I have continued to read and re-read both books for many years, sometimes for nothing more than the pleasure of your prose, which is the best since Arthur Schopenhauer! from John M Kerr --- Email: j.kerr (at) ntlworld.com
    15. [WVQ-A] May 17, 2000 "Information" (found site through: Quine's name) --- My question is about of the Quine's philosophical influence at the behaviorism. I'm a student of Psycology. University Konrad Lorenz. Sorry, because I'm speak english more or less. Thank you. Luisa Fda from Luisa Fernanda Barrera (Colombia) --- Email: lfb07 (at) hotmail.com
    16. [WVQ-A] May 17, 2000 "RE: WV Quine - Behaviorism" --- Thank you for the question posted in the W V Quine guestbook. I hope that someone will be able to help you. I regret that I cannot offer any answer except to say that B F Skinner was a close friend of Prof. Quine and mentions him repeatedly in his autobiography. Regards, (son) from Doug - Web Page: https://www.wvquine.org/wv-quine.html
    17. [WVQ-A] May 19, 2000 (found site through: shore.net/~vanegas/analytic) --- I like your method of making philosophy - although my restricted capacity does not always allow to follow it. I am impressed of the long list of your journeys; you spent a lot of days also in Austria - the last time in 1968. Why didn't you return later on? Ciao! from Johann Ramböck --- Email: jora (at) a-topmail.at
    18. [WVQ-A] May 31, 2000 "ontological relativity" (found site through: juno) --- As of this moment, I am not well versed in Quine's philosophical writings and I would like to know what book(s) contain the bulk of his views on ontological relativity (and does he ever compare this doctrine to William James' concept of pure experience?). I am also interested in learning about hs rebuttal of the analytic/synthetic distinction in philosophy. from michael burke --- Email: mburke24 (at) juno.com
    19. [WVQ-A] Jun 4, 2000 "Willard Van Orman Quine's Life" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I'm doing a report on Willard Van Orman Quine and I want to know if he had any protagonists in his life, I also need to know if he had any antagonists in his life? If you can send me this information it would help me out a lot. from Clarissa --- Email: cdunwell85_2000 (at) yahoo.com
    20. [WVQ-A] Jun 8, 2000 "contact" (found site through: www.erraticimpact.com) --- This is a long shot, but here it goes: I am a philosophy student on the west coast, and I have been highly influenced by Professor Quine. Is there any way that I could possibly get in contact with him, by one medium or another? Thank You! Jason Brown from Jason Brown --- Email: captainsensible (at) hotmail.com
    21. [WVQ-A] Jun 17, 2000 "Finding a quote" (found site through: I created the site) --- Dear Dr. Quine, I have been looking for a quote which includes .."life is what most of us think the least of us make the most of.." or something close to that. Can you help me find the entire correct quote? Thanks, Linda ============================================== Dear Linda, "Life is what the least of us make most of us feel the least of us make the most of." -- W. V. O. Quine IS THE QUOTE THAT I FOUND AT: https://www.math.berkeley.edu/~chernoff/quotations.html I guess the real challenge now is to figure out where he said it ... How did you hear the quote? Any suggestions of where to look? from Doug - ULTIMATELY the citation - and the full quote - WAS found, see QUOTATIONS in: Web Page: https://www.wvquine.org/wv-quine.html
    22. [WVQ-A] Jun 30, 2000 (found site through: Google) --- A wonderful site, very rich in useful information! With the compliments of an Italian reader from Raul Corazzon --- Email: raul.corazzon (at) formalontology.it Web Page: https://www.formalontology.it
    23. [WVQ-A] Aug 2, 2000 "looking for review of Hankinson Nelson & Nelson, 2000, On Quine" --- Your site is a wonderful resource! However, I didn't find what I came for (see header). Still, Thank you for maintaining this site. from Susanne Renner --- Email: renner (at) umsl.edu
    24. [WVQ-A] Aug 7, 2000 "Williard V. Quine : Philosophy" (found site through: Internet Explorer) --- What is Williard V. Quine...view on analytic philosophy and how was it different from Rudolph Carnop's view? I am writing a paper on Williard V. Quine and Rudolph Quine and their semantic debates ... if you have anything that may be of help to me ..I would greatly appreciate it. from Carrie Shelton --- Email: moonandstars00 (at) hotmail.com
    25. [WVQ-A] Aug 11, 2000 "PROF QUINE" (found site through: Cornell University Philosophy Department) --- I am a great admirer of Prof Quine's philosophical works . from DAVID DESMOND YORK --- Email: daviddyork (at) yahoo.com
    26. [WVQ-A] Aug 12, 2000 "Quine Reunion" --- Hello. My name is Phillip McKnight(Quine). I am from Texas and we have a large clan of Quines here. Our next reunion is September 2 in Lufkin, Texas. My mother is Betty Jean Quine McKnight. Her Father Was Noah Frank Quine and his Father Ed Quine. I have the whole tree back sixteen generations and to Scotland or England. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello and wish you well. Respond if it pleases you. Yours Truly, Phillip McKnight(Quine) from Phillip McKnight (Quine) --- Email: sanitarium (at) worldmailer.com
    27. [WVQ-A] Aug 12, 2000 "Long lost relative" (found site through: Genealogy.com) --- Dear Willard, This is the first chance I have had to try to contact you since the death of my Mother, Norma Van Orman Stewart, on April 18, 1993. I was so excited when I found your name as I was beginning to search for dear relatives in my genealogy. I have printed out your entire home page (by Douglas), and hope to add all the information to my files. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and informative genealogy. Love to all, Carolyn Myers 8686 W. 68th Avenue Arvada, CO 80004 303-423-6765 from Carolyn Delehanty Gower Myers --- Email: CMyersFoto (at) aol.com Web Page: https://www.geocities/Yosemite/2382
    28. [WVQ-A] Aug 15, 2000 "Two Dogmas of Empiricism" (found site through: google) --- Dr. Quine, Your criticisms of the verification theory and reductionism are so powerful. For me, they strike at the core of Carnap's philosophy, and a lot of other analytic philosophy. Every once in a while, I will read something that completely re-orients me. The process of reading and understanding your essays (a very long process!) has been one of those turning points in my life. Thank you! from Sarah Isaacs --- Email: sisaacs (at) sfu.ca
    29. [WVQ-A] Aug 16, 2000 --- I need the article from W.V Quine "Two dogmas of Empiricism" for my studies on philosophy and I couldn't access the address that is available in this web page. If you could send it for me I would appreciate it so much. Thanks Leoni from Leoni Maria Padilha Henning --- Email: henning (at) sercomtel.com.br
    30. [WVQ-A] Aug 19, 2000 "personal" (found site through: google (via Herb Enderton)) --- 25 years ago I was traveling through New England and stopped by your office (unannounced) to meet you. At the time I was an undergrad math student at UCLA. You were very kind to me and my companion. You signed a copy of your book that I brought with me. from Guy Johnson --- kichiguy (at) aol.com Web Page: https://www.kichiguy.com
    31. [WVQ-A] Sep 6, 2000 "What is The Logic of Sequences?" (found site through: Google) --- What is the book The Logic of Sequences about? The link to Amazon.com tells me nothing about it. Will it help me to understand Principia Mathematica, or is it something to be read after Principia Mathematica? Where can I see the table of contents? Where in general can get answers to the types of question I just asked, as opposed to sending an email off to someone. Please respond to vsoich (at) putmancomp.com Thank you, Victor Soich
    32. [WVQ-A] Sep 14, 2000 "help on quine" (found site through: NOBODY) --- I'M SEARCHING DESPERATELY QUINE LECTURE "The Way The World Is" HE GAVE AT 350TH HARVARD ANNIVERSARY AND THAT IS QUOTED IN DREBEN'S ARTICLE "PUTNAM, QUINE AND THE FACTS" ON THE PHILOSOPHICAL TOPICS. COULD YOU HELP ME ? from FANS --- Email: natura_the_brai (at) hotmail.com
    33. [WVQ-A] Sep 14, 2000 "help on quine" (found site through: NOBODY) --- THE CORRECT EMAIL IS natura_the_brain (at) hotmail.com THANKS from FANS --- Email: natura_the_brain (at) hotmail.com
    34. [WVQ-A] Sep 25, 2000 "Quine vs. Sellars" --- I got to this web page accidentally via your Beatles discography. Nevertheless, being a professional philosopher and familiar with Professor Quine's work I feel compelled to state that, indeed, he is one of the greatest ontologists and epistemologists of the second half of the 20th Century. In my opinion, the only other philosopher in these areas in this period of time who rivals him is Wilfrid Sellars (a professor of mine when I was a graduate student at the University of Arizona in the late 1970s). Since Professor Quine was -- and still is -- the more famous of the two, however, my fellow graduate students and I compnesated for this fact by coming up with the slogan "Long after the name 'Willard' is forgotten, the name 'Wilfrid' will be remembered." (This also betrayed a bit of jelousy on our part, though not on the part of Professor Sellars himself, I'm sure.) I'm also sure that both names will be remembered down through the centuries and rightfully so. RGP from Dr. R.G. Peffer --- Email: peffer (at) acusd.edu
    35. [WVQ-A] Nov 3, 2000 "recollecting..." (found site through: Yahoo) --- During the American Philosophical Society meeting in Detroit in 1979 I, an outsider, entered the hotel where the meetings were held and by a lucky chance happened to I, an outsider, entered the hotel where the meetings were held and by a lucky chance meet in the corridor professor Quine and had with him short conversation. I remain under impression of that event till this day. Henry Fast. from HENRY fAST --- Email: hfast (at) earthlink.net
    36. [WVQ-A] Nov 5, 2000 --- I am a Brazilian Lecturer doing post-graduate studies in England. I am absolutely enchanted with Prof. Quine's Philosophy and I would like to register that I am going to use his main ideas in my PhD Thesis in my country (I am Clinical Psychologist and work with Family and Schizophrenia). Thanks fot this excellent page. It was very helpful to my research. from Ileno Costa --- Email: Icosta (at) btinternet.com
    37. [WVQ-A] Nov 16, 2000 "Best Wishes to You" (found site through: Google) --- My thoughts have been influenced a great deal by your work and I'd like to thank you for putting your thoughts to paper. My first exposure to analytical philosophy was FLPV, and I can't tell you how many times I've opened it up and felt a sense of enlightenment. (Imagine my joy when I actually read it!) Thank you for all of your contributions to Philosophy, I wish the best for you and yours. from Carl Martin --- Email: balrog (at) texas.net
    38. [WVQ-A] Nov 21, 2000 "..." (found site through: yahoo) --- Think what you will of his ideas, this man was (is) the pivotal mind of the twentieth century, rivalled only by Russell and Wittgenstein. Like Bob Dylan to Woody Guthrie's side, I will meet this man soon. from Shane Glackin --- Email: glackins (at) tcd.ie
    39. [WVQ-A] Nov 22, 2000 "greetings from bosnia" (found site through: random browsing) --- I deeply admire Professor's work and, actually, am doing pioneer steps in introducing his main ideas to (rather conservative)curriculum of Philosophy courses at Political Studies Department of Sarajevan University, where I work as Assistant to Professor of Philosophy. Unfortunatelly, Philosophy courses in Bosnia have for too long been dominated by continental metaphysics. Warmest regards, Asim Mujkic from Asim Mujkic --- Email: amujkic (at) hotmail.com
    40. [WVQ-A] Nov 22, 2000 "Boyntons" (found site through: AOL) --- My Grandmother was Florence Boynton. Decendants from Joshua Boynton and his son David Boynton. Thank you for your sight it was very interesting. from Jeff Bennett --- Email: JLBennett (at) aol.com
    41. [WVQ-A] Dec 4, 2000 --- Hello, I think that your web page is very interesting, but i have a problem that i´m not able to find a solution: How can i program (in c++ or pascal) the Quine McClusky method? If you know any link where i can get that information please write me. Lot of thanks and sorry for my bad english. Bye. from Alvaro Monje --- Email: mac_arrones (at) hotmail.com
    42. [WVQ-A] Dec 5, 2000 "Best wishes" (found site through: Google) --- Paul Meehl is sorry that Professor Quine no longer takes philosophy questions, but he wishes him well and was pleased to discover this excellent web page when looking for an e-mail address for Quine. from Paul E. Meehl --- Email: pemeehl (at) tc.umn.edu
    43. [WVQ-A] Dec 7, 2000 "Quine Lenardson Marriage" --- I am looking for Frederick Quine who married Ina Lydia Lenardson, dau of William H. Moore and Lydia Ann Lenardson of Indiana and Ohio. Would like to share information, as I am doing a Lenardson family tree. I noticed on a search that you mention a Leonardson, and I believe that it is my Ina Lydia. Have at least one photo of her, and her parents, and of Ina Quine at her son's grave in France. Memorial is made for him in Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio, and have photos. from Mimi Malcolm --- Email: mimimalcolm (at) hotmail.com
    44. [WVQ-A] Dec 26, 2000 "We'll miss you Van" (found site through: Doug told me about it) --- WVO Quine (1908-2000) from Jon Welch --- Email: jonhwelch at juno.com
    45. [WVQ-A] Dec 26, 2000 --- We send our love to you all, Uncle Van holds a very special place in our hearts, and we will miss him dearly. from Nancy, Dixie, Barbie and Marchen ---
    46. [WVQ-A] Dec 28, 2000 --- I am greatly saddened to learn of Professor Quine's death; he was a towering figure in American philosophy. from Stuart Shanker --- Email: shanker (at) yorku.ca
    47. [WVQ-A] Dec 28, 2000 "Now, we don't have Quine" --- Dear Douglas Quine Now our World is alone. Philosophy too. Philosophers too. In Brazil, we will keep Quine speaking! The best man and the best philosopher. He divided the century XX and put a new philosophical agenda. Love and peace, Douglas! Thank you very much, professor Quine! from Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr. --- Email: pgjr (at) terra.com.br Web Page: https://www.filosofia.pro.br
    48. [WVQ-A] Dec 29, 2000 "The Passing of W.V.O. Quine" --- Doug, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. He was truly one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century. While, I never had the pleasure of meeting your father, I know several people who did and they all agreed that he was a very nice guy. My condolences to you and your family. Jim Farmelant from Jim Farmelant --- Email: farmelantj (at) juno.com
    49. [WVQ-A] Dec 29, 2000 "Condolences" --- I had always hoped to meet Prof. Quine. Even though I have gotten away from studying logic and the philosophy of mathematics, I can still recognize his influence on my thought. No doubt he will be remembered as one of the great American philosophers, if not the greatest. My condolences to his family and friends, and to philosophy. from Craig A. Munns --- Email: craigmunns (at) centralpenn.edu
    50. [WVQ-A] Dec 29, 2000 "Condolence" --- Dear Quine Family Please receive my sincere regrets and condolences, having been informed by Dagfinn Føllesdal that Willard Van Orman Quine left this world on Christmas Day. I remember with remarkable clarity Quine's visit to Guovdageaidnu, Norway in the summer of 1970. The memorial adress written by Føllesdal will be filed here at the municipal museum. Alf Isak Keskitalo from Alf Isak Keskitalo --- Email: alf-is (at) online.no
    52. [WVQ-A] Dec 29, 2000 "W V. Quine Condolance" --- Dear Douglas Quine and family. It is with deep regret I today received an email message from Dagfinn Føllesdal informing that Willard Van Orman Quine left this world on Christmas Day. Quine visited here in Guovdageaidnu, Norway in the summer of 1970. His publications have been of incomparable importance to my study of philosophy and for some published points of view. Dagfinn has mailed me a memorial statement that will be filed here at the municipal museum. With regret and participation Guovdageaidnu, December 29th, 2000 AD from Alf Isak Keskitalo ---
    53. [WVQ-A] Dec 29, 2000 "Quine's Death" --- I am an italian philosopher: I am very sorry about Willard Van Orman Quine's death. He has been a model of philosophical insight, and one of the finest writer of contemporary philosophy. The debt that we all have towards him is immense. I recently wrote a introductory book to his thought (G. Origgi: Introduzione a Quine, Laterza Editore, Bari, 2000). You can read some other details about the book in my homepage: https://gloriaoriggi.free.fr The book is in Italian: Professor Quine was able to read Italian. Sincerely Yours, Gloria Origgi _____________ University of Bologna from Dr. Gloria Origgi --- Email: origgi (at) dsc.unibo.it Web Page: https://gloriaoriggi.free.fr
    54. [WVQ-A] Dec 30, 2000 "the passing of a giant" (found site through: google.com) --- I teach (or try to teach) philosophy at a community college in a tough neighborhood of L.A. A few years ago I had an unlikely student, Juhani Yli-Vakkuri, a very young man from Finland with perfect English and an exquisite philosophical mind. Professor Quine was to him the first and last word in philosophy. It didn't take long for Juhani to absorb all we had to offer and move on, but my colleagues and I agree that if we are ever a footnote in the history of philosophy, it will be as the first American teachers of this young genius. The world will hear much from Juhani in the future, I am confident, and it was Quine who inspired him. I'm sure there are countless others whose contributions to philosophy -- current and future -- are Quine's godchildren. from Kerrin McMahan --- Email: kmcmahan (at) iname.com Web Page: https://www.golikethis.com
    55. [WVQ-A] Dec 30, 2000 "The death of Professor Quine" --- Very sorry to hear about Professor Quine's death on Christmas Day. I heard him last speak at the Boston Conference a couple of years ago. from Dr. Patrick Quinn ---
    56. [WVQ-A] Jan 1, 2001 --- W.V.O. Quine was one of a select few who contributed a philosophical self-portrait to The Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy (previous hardback edition known as the Blackwell Dictionary of Philosophy). from Thomas Mautner --- Email: Thomas.Mautner (at) anu.edu.au
    57. [WVQ-A] Jan 2, 2001 "Sincere Condolences" --- Sincere condolences from the University of Malta on the death of one of the world's greatest thinkers. It is a sad loss, both for the Quine family and for the philososophy community world-wide. I am certain, however, that his ideas will continue to provide inspiration to countless generations as they have done in the past. from Sandra Dingli --- Email: create (at) um.edu.mt Web Page: https://home.um.edu.mt/create/
    58. [WVQ-A] Jan 2, 2001 "obituary of "a philosopher--- I tried to post a guestbook note, but that link was not working. Here is a reminiscence of a brief meeting. A friend wrote to me about seeing the obituary of "a philosopher" last week in the NY Times and I wrote back: The philosopher of whom you were writing is Willard van Orman Quine. I first started studying his work when I was in high school. We corresponded on matters of mathematics and philosophy, and he personally invited me to study at Harvard, where he was a professor. I still remember going to Boston on my own on the train, quite an experience for a kid in high school whose family never traveled beyond the confines of Long Island and NYC. For us, a major summer vacation trip took us all the way to a cottage on remote Lake Ronkonkoma. It was nearly 15 miles away from home! Once, we visited New Jersey. When I got to Boston, I had lunch with Quine and Hao Wang, another legendary figure in mathematical logic. They took me around the campus. I was awed to be actually talking with these men who had written books I had read. The interests that led me to meet him never abated, so I find myself volunteer teaching what was college-level mathematical logic to bright high school students, and occasionally referencing Quine. His approach to logic has not become mainstream in the world of mathematics and he is better known for his other work, which was both extensive and deep. [I went on to graduate work in mathematical logic at Penn State with Curry, got a degree in computer science, invented the Macintosh computer, and recently published a new book "The Humane Interface".] from Jef Raskin ---
    59. [WVQ-A] Jan 2, 2001 "Sorrow and Condolences" --- On Saint-Petersburg's (Russia) philosophical logicians' behalf I express deep sorrow about the death of the great thinker of the XX-th century Willard van Orman Quine. In fact he is a teacher of many Russian philosophers though, - owing to some peculiarities of this century, - we were mainly only external learners... He has studied us to many things beginning from "the very beginning", i.e. the classification of phenomena and objects into natural kinds... In 1998 I got happiness to hear a paper by Quine and even to talk with this great man at the XX-th World Congress of Philosophy. Naturally, it is the Event of my life. - I thank him! Our Russian condolences to relatives of Quine and his colleagues. He was one of the men that made and adorned the genuine history of humanity, i.e. the history of the mind of Homo sapiens. Let the ground will be for him the down. --- Eduard Karavaev | Ph.D.,Professor University of Saint-Petersburg | Philosophy of Science and Technology | Department Head from Eduard Karavaev --- Email: ek1549 (at) ek1549.spb.edu
    60. [WVQ-A] Jan 2, 2001 "loss of the very bright light of W. V. Quine" --- I just read about the loss of the very bright light of W. V. Quine. His "Methods of Logic" is a wonderful book, for the layman such as myself at least, lighting up even the dullest day. Please accept my sympathies to you and your family. from - --- Email: Plantagenesta (at) aol.com
    61. [WVQ-A] Jan 3, 2001 "gratitude" (found site through: aol) --- Dear Douglas: This is a prodigious website, and a splendid tribute to a great man. More than that, it is a splendid tribute to YOUR tenacity and loyalty. Did your father see the site? The Shop Club and Harvard University itself will want to write memorial minutes; I am sure the website will be of indispensible value. Yours faithfully, Prudence from prudence L. Steiner --- Email: plsteiner (at) aol.com
    62. [WVQ-A] Jan 3, 2001 "Condolences" (found site through: google) --- As a poor slob who likes philosophy I would like to express my sadness at the passing of a great man. from David Hurley --- Email: david (at) hurleyd.freesreve.co.uk
    63. [WVQ-A] Jan 4, 2001 "WVOQ" (found site through: Obituary) --- My condolences to the Quine family. The world of philosophy mourns the loss of one of its best. He will be greatly missed. Mike Berumen from Michael E. Berumen --- Email: opinealot (at) earthlink.net
    64. [WVQ-A] Jan 4, 2001 "Quine's High School Years" --- My mother, Marian Feudner Keener, went to West High School in Akron, Ohio with Prof. Quine -- then known as "Van" -- and dated him during those years. One of my older brothers claims to have their later correspondence, presumably when he was at Oberlin and she at Akron University and Ohio Wesleyan. A number of years ago I wrote to Prof. Quine and he was gracious enough to answer with fond recollections of my mother. A fine gentleman and a great loss to philosophy and academic freedom and diversity. from Robert Keener --- Email: rkeener (at) neo.rr.com
    65. [WVQ-A] Jan 5, 2001 "philosophy of media education" (found site through: peirce-discussion forum) --- What is known about Quine´s relation to John Dewey and Charles S. Peirce? from Prof. Dr. phil. Karl-Hermann Schäfer --- Email: karl.h.schaefer (at) t-online.de
    66. [WVQ-A] Jan 5, 2001 "Condolences" (found site through: Google) --- The world of philosophy has lost a giant and in some ways my own world isn't quite as complete as it once was. I never met W.V.O. Quine nor ever saw him in person. But I have some memories: in my feckless undergraduate days, when a group of us decided to call him by telephone (a noble fairlure), reading Word and Object on a summer afternoon in a park in Edmonton's River Valley, finding my own Logical Fallacies page listed on this Quine site... I think of Quine frequently when I write, and that is a good thing, both for me, and anyone unfortunate enough to be reading my words instead of Quine's from Stephen Downes --- Email: sdownes (at) ualberta.ca Web Page: https://www.atl.ualberta.ca/downes/
    67. [WVQ-A] Jan 7, 2001 "Quine and Peirce" (found site through: Hetnet) --- I should like to know if and if so, in what way Quine has been influenced by Charles Sanders Peirce (1838 - 1914). from Pim van der Pol --- Email: mpvanderpol (at) hetnet.nl
    68. [WVQ-A] Jan 8, 2001 (found site through: episteme links) --- I had the chance to see and hear Profesor Quine at Harvard, some years ago. I am very sad for his death. from Carmen González Marín --- Email: gmarin (at) hum.uc3m.es
    69. [WVQ-A] Jan 8, 2001 "Resonating sorrow" (found site through: MSN) --- I read about the death of Prof. Quine in Time magazine, immediately resonated with their comments, found this site, and experienced sorrow from reading the other comments and from the fact that I have missed out on something great. from Chuck Low --- Email: utilitymgr (at) firstnethou.com
    70. [WVQ-A] Jan 8, 2001 (found site through: article in dutch "NRC"-paper dated 6 jan 2001) --- the article about your father was very interesting. if you want I could send you the source in detail. from a van de bovenkamp --- Email: advdbkt43 (at) planet.nl
    71. [WVQ-A] Jan 8, 2001 "Logic" (found site through: Altavista) --- Just found this site and was glad to do so. I have read a few of Dr. Quine's books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. They are thought-provoking and enlightening. from Dan Hestand --- Email: dhestand (at) acm.org Web Page: https://cs.uml.edu/~phestand/
    72. [WVQ-A] Jan 9, 2001 "An appreciation" (found site through: A friend) --- The following appreciation is slightly edited from a letter I wrote a few years ago: I have been a fan of Quine's ever since I happened on _Word and Object_ when it came out in 1960. Also, somebody had left a copy of _Mathematical Logic_ in the library at a commune I belonged to in the '70s, and I used to curl up with it when my nerves were frazzled. But I think probably _Set Theory and Its Logic_ is the greatest monument to Quine's powers as a gentleman & scholar. (Why do we say "a gentleman & _a_ scholar"? That ought by rights to be an _ungenerous_ characterization of _two_ people.) The care with which he encompasses the rival approaches to set theory, teasing out the maximum of agreement between them, is a model not only of elegant exposition but of intellectual civility. The contrast could not be greater with ...'s delightful, disgraceful little book ..., which was my introduction to the subject.... --- Joe Fineman jcf (at) world.std.com ||: This is the best of all possible worlds, and everything in :|| ||: it is a necessary evil. :|| from Joseph C. Fineman --- Email: jcf (at) world.std.com
    73. [WVQ-A] Jan 9, 2001 (found site through: yahoo) --- I know it sounds silly, but how do you pronounce "Quine" ? Is it pronounced like "quick" or like "quiet" ? from Frederic Vermeulen --- Email: frederic.vermeulen (at) econ.kuleuven.ac.be
    74. [WVQ-A] Jan 9, 2001 "LINGUISTICS" (found site through: PHILOSOPHY) --- Prof. Quine will continue to be remembered for centuries to come as one of the most brilliant and original philosophers of all times. May his soul rest in peace. from KANAVILLIL RAJAGOPALAN --- Email: rajagopalan (at) uol.com.br
    75. [WVQ-A] Jan 10, 2001 "Philosophy" (found site through: too long ago to remember) --- I am very sorry to hear Dr. Quine has passed away. Please accept my condolences. from William S. Jamison --- Email: afwsj (at) uaa.alaska.edu Web Page: https://cwolf.uaa.alaska.edu/
    76. [WVQ-A] Jan 10, 2001 (found site through: M/soft) --- Just a note to say I am sorry he passed away. from robert abbotts --- Email: mrabbotts (at) hotmail.com
    77. [WVQ-A] Jan 11, 2001 "Regards" --- Doug: I cut my philosophical teeth on Quine in graduate school. It was a great pleasure of mine to meet your father at the University of Toronto a number of years ago. He signed my copy of *Set Theory and It's Logic. I too can write: Sine Qua Non: Willard Van Orman Quine. Rory A.A. Hinton from Rory A.A. Hinton --- Email: rhinton (at) ati.com
    78. [WVQ-A] Jan 12, 2001 "economics" (found site through: all the web) --- very fine web site! - no questions at the moment. ML from Manfred LOEDL --- Email: Manfred.Loedl (at) bmf.gv.at
    79. [WVQ-A] Jan 15, 2001 --- xxx from Sylvain Patri --- Email: sylvain.patri (at) univ-lyon2.fr
    80. [WVQ-A] Jan 15, 2001 "Personal sympathies and tribute to Professor Quine" --- Doug, my sympathies are with you and your family. I have checked back with your site frequently to keep informed about Prof. Quine's achievements and others' comments. I did my MA on Quine's "Two Dogmas". You may remember me by my email nickname a few years ago, "gavaguy" ("gavagai" was already taken on AOL, as it turned out; now gavaguy.com is a registered Web address). I became so impressed with his thought and life that on a brief visit to Boston in 1992 I compelled a friend to go with me to Emerson Hall to find his office, in hopes he would be there. He was not there, but I do not at all consider the trip wasted. It was enough to visit those venerable halls. Here's one layman whose way of life was permanently altered, for the better, by Quine's ideas. Not a month goes by that I do not reflect on how Quine would respond to issues and questions that arise in the course of everyday life. from Eugene Pennisi --- Email: pennisi (at) spinewriter.com Web Page: https://www.spinewriter.com
    81. [WVQ-A] Jan 16, 2001 "Thanks for the memories" (found site through: A friend, after the PKFeyerbend Listserv announced WVOQ's passing) --- Just a note of remorse to your family in the loss of an important intellectual figure in my life. Twenty five years ago, I was a young philosophy/chemistry double major, and spent much of my time reading WVO Quine's works. Like many, I wrote papers on his work, and his efforts had a huge influence on my interest in the philosophy and practice of science. I use much of his work in courses on science for non science majors and in my public writing on "political science" or science in the everyday world. I'm glad I found this website! It will be a more up to date resource Best Regards: Joe Gardella Joseph A. Gardella, Jr. Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences SUNY Buffalo from Joseph A. Gardella, Jr. --- Email: gardella (at) acsu.buffalo.edu Web Page: https://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~gardella/
    82. [WVQ-A] Jan 16, 2001 "Quine is famous, around here anyway" (found site through: Benjamin Fan Letter From Massachussets (cse undergraduate newsgroup at UB)) --- Tom writes: W.V. Quine died last weekend. Is he the co-author of the Quine_McKlusky Tabular Minimization Method described to us by our CSE 241 teacher, Kris D. Schindler (Q.M. used in minimizing number of circuits needed to produce a desired effect)? +++ Yes, Willard van Orman Quine is the Quine of the Quine-McCluskey method. Apparently, he was more famous as a philosopher than as a mathematician. You can read more about Quine at his home page https://www.wvquine.org/ from TOM MCNABB --- Email: mcnabb (at) acsu.buffalo.edu Web Page: https://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/
    83. [WVQ-A] Jan 22, 2001 (found site through: Douglas Quine.com ) --- My condolences for the loss of your father. He was truely unusual. from Jonathan Brown --- Email: jbrown (at) claritasllc.com
    84. [WVQ-A] Jan 24, 2001 "Guestbook" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Thank you for the very useful information from Michael Pontarelli --- Email: ciaopadre (at) hotmail.com
    85. [WVQ-A] Jan 25, 2001 --- Just getting started researching my Quine history. My father is James Edwin Quine B. 1902 in Rico Colorado. My Grand father is Willima Quine B. 1876 in Laxey IOM. Gr, GrandFather also William B 1945 in Douglas IOM. Do you know of any connection between my branch of the Quines and Yours? I really like your web page. Tom Quine from Thomas E. Quine --- Email: tomthumb26 (at) excite.com
    86. [WVQ-A] Jan 27, 2001 "logic & mathematics" --- MY DEEPEST REGRETS ON HIS PASSING HIS BOOKS ON LOGIC & MATHEMATICS FILLED ME WITH WONDER WHEN I WAS AN UNDERGRADUATE IN THE 1960'S MAY GOD BLESS from ralph meades --- Email: ralph_meades (at) hotmail.com
    87. [WVQ-A] Jan 27, 2001 "Death of Willard Van Orman Quine" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am a 24-year-old Italian philosophy student based in Rome and had just started studying Quine when he deceased. I was truly sad for his passing. Douglas, I also want to congratulate you on your website and your hard work in tracing your genealogy. It is an impressive labour of love, which elicits great admiration. from Lorenzo M. R. Gabutti --- Email: lmrgab (at) yahoo.it
    88. [WVQ-A] Jan 28, 2001 (found site through: Alta Vista) --- He was probably the most influential of my teachers,tho I didn't follow into Philosophy as Planned,but became a technical Cold Warrior.My thinking on Logic,Language both natural and formal,and that of Science were formed from his influence.r from Klaus Heimann --- Email: klaus (at) midcoast.com
    89. [WVQ-A] Feb 3, 2001 "quiddities" (found site through: goggle) --- Like to be able to find the precise meaning of "quiddities" as used in the book. Can't easily get a copy just now. Thanks, if anyone can help. B. Kerr from william kerr --- Email: WKerr77933 (at) aol.com
    90. [WVQ-A] Feb 4, 2001 "philosophy" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- I am interested in the professor Quine's philosophy, and I've been reading recently his classic book "Word and object", but my question is not a philosophical one. I want to know is there a possibility that the woman called "Nadejda", mentioned in the paragraph 20 or 21 of the WO, namely 'Demonstratives. Attributives' paragraph, IS THE REAL PERSON, and if she is, IS SHE HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH YUGOSLAVIA AND IN WHICH WAY WAS PROFESSOR QUINE CONNECTED WITH HER? I'll be glad if I get the answer. Thank You. from Predrag Vukcevic --- Email: dj_ape (at) hotmail.com
    91. [WVQ-A] Feb 6, 2001 "Regrets" (found site through: www.superstring.com) --- I was saddened at the loss of Dr. Quine. It reminded me of when I was a child and President Roosevelt died. What are we going to do now? How can the world go on? Of course the world did, and will. There have been Presidents after Roosevelt, but none of his stature, and I suppose there will be philosophers after Quine.... "Quiddities" is one of my favorite books. Farewell . from Dick Thompson --- Email: nowilliam (at) home.com
    92. [WVQ-A] Feb 11, 2001 "Willard Quine" (found site through: WNYC "the Connection") --- Willard Quine sounds like he was a repository of esoteric knowledge! from Rosanne --- Email: Rosanne228 (at) aol.com
    93. [WVQ-A] Feb 16, 2001 "articles" --- Great site, but where can I find more of the articles he has written over the years. I'm particulary interested in his subject with the quotation: "No entity without identity." I hop that I will get the information soon because I'm following the class philosophy. Yours faithfully, Lodewijk Belles, The Netherlands from lodewijk Belles --- Email: bellesch (at) hotmail.com
    94. [WVQ-A] Feb 16, 2001 "from Portugal" (found site through: www.google.com) --- Willard Van Orman Quine Travels Portugal - 195 days, 1938, 1939, 1953, 1960, 1965, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1978. so long Mr. Quine. from João --- Email: nvgogol (at) hotmail.com
    95. [WVQ-A] Feb 17, 2001 (found site through: GOOGLE) --- I am a spanish professor of philosophy. I have write a doctoral tesis about the ontogenesis of the reference in Quine, in the Granada University(Spain). I am sorry for the phisical desaparition of this master of thought, but I believe that the important thing, his spiritual presence, will remain with us. from JUAN JOSE DIEZ --- Email: JUJODIRU (at) REDESTB.ES
    96. [WVQ-A] Feb 19, 2001 ""life is a burgeoning...--- My interactions with Quine as an undergrad are much of the reason I'm in philosophy today, and I was terribly sorry to hear of his death.

      I'm organizing a symposium at Michigan this March in his honor, and I'd like to retell a story he told me. He has a facetious quotation in a book that collects famous intellectuals' thoughts on the meaning of life. I wonder if anyone has a reference to this book? Please email me at 'spetey (at) umich.edu'if you know!

      Thanks, Steve from Steve Petersen --- Email: spetey (at) umich.edu
    97. [WVQ-A] Feb 25, 2001 "Quine's Quote Partially Revealed" (found site through: I created the page) --- An elusive quote by Quine is starting to become better known. Paul has posted the quote at his web site https://www.math.berkeley.edu/~chernoff/quotations.html:

      "Life is what the least of us make most of us feel the least of us make the most of." -- W. V. O. Quine

      This was the quote that Linda wrote asking about last June. Meanwhile, Steve recently wrote seeking a source for "Life is a burgeoning, life is a quickening."

      Today I found variations of both quotes together in one of many handwritten notebooks of musings by my father. While this volume was started it 1985, it references a letter that he apparently wrote in 1946.

      "Life is agid, life is fulgid. Life is what the least of us make most of us feel the least of us make the most of. Life is a burgeoning, a quickening of the dim primordial urge in the murky wastes of time." (from a letter of Nov. 1946 to one ???ald)"

      [the name is very hard to read, perhaps Eirald, Gerald, Eurald - in the index to his autobiography the only ???ald is Gerald Holton; this is page 36 of the 1985 notebook]

      I still don't know when and where it was published nor in what form. Do these clues help answer the question? If not, they at least serve to provide a broader context ...

      Regards - from Doug (creator of the WVQ home page and obituary page) - Web Page: www.wvquine.org/wvq-obit.html

    98. [WVQ-A] Feb 28, 2001 "Philosophy of Logic: Truth Definitions" (found site through: Google) ---

      On Linguistic Creation by Steven H. Cullinane on June 25, 1999

      Preface of February 28, 2001:

      This note was written in anger at the damned nonsense of Jacques Derrida and other postmodernists, and with contempt for the damned nonsense promulgated by many religious Christians and Jews. It turns out to have been written on the birthday of the recently deceased philosopher W. V. Quine, so it may serve as a sort of memorial to him.

      Abraham, Isaac, and Jacobs

      "This illustration shows a... perfect square."

      -- R. M. Abraham, Diversions and Pastimes (Dover, 1964)

      "F = ma." -- Isaac Newton

      "December 25, 1958 -- from Mary"

      -- Dedication on a copy of Naming-Day in Eden by N. J. Jacobs (Macmillan, 1958)

      "God... asked Adam to name Him...

      Adam, quoting Scripture, complied: 25."

      -- Scripture [3] above, page 25

      "The Devil, unlike the angels, was at home in the world of phenomena. He knew how to combine pure concepts with empirical intuitions... which is the basic principle of linguistic creation." -- [3]

      "Such is the square dance of Numbers."

      -- Jacques Derrida, 1972

      "It all adds up."

      -- Saul Bellow, 1994

      Meditations added on Ash Wednesday, February 28, 2001:

      Primary meditation, on Quine's salvation by works --

      The above was written on the 91st birthday of Willard van Orman Quine, mathematician and philosopher. His life's work included the education of many, many Harvard students in the fundamentals of logic.

      Quine's grave defects as a philosopher -- a naive nominalism, coupled with blind devotion to the religion of Scientism -- are outweighed by his virtues as a teacher of elementary logic and as a prose stylist.

      As Saint Bonaventure notes, logic itself (derived from logos) symbolizes Christ within the trinity of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (also known as the trivium of the seven liberal arts). Quine was also no slouch at grammar and rhetoric.

      From his obituary, written by his son, on the Quine home page:
      "Professor Quine was born June 25, 1908 (anti-Christmas) and died December 25, 2000 (Christmas)."
      If there is such a thing as an anti-Christ, it had best beware of those taught by Quine.
      Secondary meditation, on Quine's salvation by grace --
      "Bingo!" -- Roman Catholic religious exclamation

      Last maintained 2/28/01; created 2/28/01. Hits: 6. from Steven H. Cullinane --- Email: m759 (at) post.harvard.edu Web Page: https://math16.com/
    99. [WVQ-A] Mar 6, 2001 --- I am so sorry to hear that Professor Quine has died. I want to give thanks for his writings and the philosophical encouragement he gave us with his work. I wish he is enjoying everlasting life. from Joaquín Jareño --- Email: jjareno (at) arrakis.es
    100. [WVQ-A] Mar 6, 2001 "Meaning of Quiddities" --- Quiddity: The quality that makes a thing what it is; the essential nature of a thing. From: Websters New Universal Unabridged Dictionary. from Margaret Quine McGovern ---
    101. [WVQ-A] Mar 13, 2001 "One thought" (found site through: google.com) --- In honor to one of the greatest of all times in Western culture. from Fernando Alvarez --- Email: fernando.alvarez (at) uia.mx
    102. [WVQ-A] Mar 17, 2001 "W V Quine - Sorrow and Condolences" On Saint-Petersburg's (Russia) philosophical logicians' behalf I express deep sorrow about the death of the great thinker of the XX-th century Willard van Orman Quine. In fact he is a teacher of many Russian philosophers though, - owing to some peculiarities of this century, - we were mainly only external learners... He has studied us to many things beginning from "the very beginning", i.e. the classification of phenomena and objects into natural kinds... In 1998 I got happiness to hear a paper by Quine and even to talk with this great man at the XX-th World Congress of Philosophy. Naturally, it is the Event of my life. - I thank him! Our Russian condolences to relatives of Quine and his colleagues. He was one of the men that made and adorned the genuine history of humanity, i.e. the history of the mind of Homo sapiens. Let the ground will be for him the down.--- Eduard Karavaev | Ph.D.,Professor University of Saint-Petersburg | Philosophy of Science and Technology | Department Head
    103. [WVQ-A] Mar 21, 2001 (found site through: google) --- my name is rémi, i'm a philosophy student in paris, working on quine's works concerning epistemology i'd like to know if there is on the web some discussion groups on quine's philosophy, because, you know, when you don't study french or german philosophers in france, you look like an alien from courrier rémi --- Email: remi (at) knowscape.com
    104. [WVQ] Mar 26, 2001 "flowers" (found site through: surf searcher uk) --- Hi i am a 15 year old girl from Staines a small town out side london in england i thought that as im here i might as well sighn your book! ur site is very interesting but not at all what i am looking 4 i was looking for how to draw flowers!!!! ow well looks like i will have to keep searching thanx any way luv AstridXXXXX from Astrid
    105. [WVQ] Apr 2, 2001 "Where find text "two dogmas..."?" (found site through: netscape/lycos) --- Old & not-too-bright, DRQ... Is there a site on net where I can download WVOQ's "TWO DOGMAS"? Thank you. Abe from Abe Smith --- Email: abesmi (at) hotmail.com
    106. [WVQ] Apr 6, 2001 "Quine" --- I truly enjoy a site dedicated to a philosopher who i have read very little of but am already intensely intrigued by his thoughts and ideas. He was a truly great man and my sympathy on his loss. from ryan --- Email: rchurc02 (at) bellarmine.edu
    107. [WVQ] Apr 7, 2001 "I wrote book about philosophy of quine in arabic " --- my name is dr. Salah Ismail,associate professor at Cairo University ,faculty of Arts ,department of philosophy .I wrote my doctoral thesis on 1994 about " quine,s philosophy of language and logic" and published it under title " Philosophy of Language and Logic : Study of Quine,s Philosophy " on 1995 at Dar EL-Maref in Egypt,and I write now some articles on quinethis book make quine the most famous philosopher in arabic world . from Dr .Salah Ismail. --- Email: S.Ismail (at) uaeu.ac.ae
    108. [WVQ] Apr 9, 2001 "Greeting" (found site through: Google) --- Interesting site, I will definitely be back https://www.search-ranker.com from Chris --- Email: kalkysa (at) hotmail.com Web Page: "https://www.search-ranker.com"
    109. [WVQ] Apr 13, 2001 "Akron, Ohio" (found site through: Philosophy 382, Prof. C. Wallis, CSULB) --- I too am from the State of Ohio, the County of Summit, and the City of Akron. I lived at 833 Ruth Avenue from 1950 to 1960, and at 831 Packard Drive, from 1960 to 1965. A major regret for me was not have met this Dr. Quine at some point in time. Perhaps, we will do so during the next time around. To his family I say: "Your loss was a loss to every man, woman, or child who truly desires to learn how to think well, to write well, and to read well." Best Regards, Rose Price-Guinn from rose price-guinn aka Emma Jean Woods --- Email: rpricegu (at) csulb.edu
    110. [WVQ] Apr 15, 2001 "Greetings!" --- The Princeton memorial gathering yesterday was wonderful! Wouldn't have missed it for the world. from Stephanie R. Lewis --- Email: essendon (at) aol.com
    111. [WVQ] Apr 15, 2001 "program of quin cluskey in pascal" (found site through: ?) --- hello, i can't speak english very well, so excuse me. where can i download the program in PASCAL of the method of quine mccluskey ? from senouci mohammed --- Email: mohammmmmed (at) caramail.com
    112. [WVQ] Apr 21, 2001 "Professor Quine" (found site through: Mindir) --- I visit your page infrequently. Just learned of Professor Quine's death. I am profoundly sorry about that. He is one of a handful of men that I would wish to be immortal in person as he is in mind and spirit. Sincere good wishes to all his family. from Meyer N, Solomon --- Email: rheme (at) mindspring.com
    113. [WVQ] Apr 27, 2001 "lost Quine quotation" (found site through: Google) --- Sorry to hear about Quines recent death. He's been a great inspiration of mine - as of 99% of modern philosophers! In connection with my work on my final thesis, I am looking for a quotation of Quine's that I remember reading somewhere in his work. Written from memory it goes something like this: "This investigation may be carried through at one or more remotes from the laboratory." I really hope that you can help. Even though I cherrish his writings like that of almost no other philosopher, it's quite exhausting rereading every each page of his writings that I've read so far - being quite a few. Thanks for a great website! Sincerely Jakob v. H. Holtermann, University of Roskilde, Denmark from Jakob v. H. Holtermann --- Email: jvhh (at) ruc.dk
    114. [WVQ] Apr 27, 2001 "gavagai" (found site through: link from stockholm university) --- in what book or where can i find the story about the lingvist and the "gavagai"? liza haglund from liza haglund --- Email: lizha (at) chello.se
    115. [WVQ] Apr 27, 2001 "origin of name hugh riddington" (found site through: google) --- from where do you obtain the information about the name hugh riddington from peter riddington --- Email:
    116. [WVQ] May 5, 2001 "One of the Greats has passed." (found site through: AOL) --- Site is well planned and organized. Many interesting facts about W.V. Quine included. from Susan S. Gaddis --- Email: ssg1legal (at) aol.com
    117. [WVQ] May 15, 2001 "To Quine" (found site through: askjeeves) --- can someone explain the verb 'to quine' to me? from Alexander John O'Brien
    118. [WVQ] May 30, 2001 "" (found site through: copernic) --- Hi I live in Magog Quebec Canada have 2 boys and 1 girl. Grand father came Liverpool England Have add,l info at a later date. Bye for now from robert quine --- Email: r,quine (at) sympatico ,ca
    119. [WVQ] Jun 11, 2001 "relativist trends in linguistics" (found site through: lycos) --- I am working on the relativist trends in linguistics. i wish to see whether Quine's works have relativist consequences. what i need is the list of works on this subject,Quine's own books,and advices on this subject. from mukundanunni --- Email: mukundanunni (at) yahoo.com
    120. [WVQ] Jun 14, 2001 "Homenaje a Quine" (found site through: www.lycos.es) --- Ayer recibí el boletín de la Asociación de Lógica de España y pude leer la noticia de la muerte de Quine. Fue una gran sorpresa y una gran decepción. Nunca llegué a conocerlo personalmente, porque estuvo en la Facultad de Filosofía de la Universidad de Granada (España) poco antes de que yo ingresase, pero desde que leí su libro "Dos dogmas del empirismo" se convirtió en mi ídolo filosófico, ya que aunque no estuviese de acuerdo con él en algunas cuestiones, me fascinaba su rigor filosófico, su claridad de estilo (fue Ortega y Gasset el que dijo que la claridad es la cortesía del filósofo) y su humor sutil. Me gustaría aquí manifestar mi admiración y respeto por el último de los grandes filósofos del siglo XX, a la altura, al menos, de Russell, Wittgenstein, Popper y Carnap. from Santiago Navajas --- Email: snavajas (at) teleline.es
    121. [WVQ] Jun 26, 2001 "greetings, in memory of W.O.Quine" (found site through: google.com) --- I've met WOQ's writings during my college studies on philosophy in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, guided by my logic an analytical philosophy, João Paulo melo, and by my epistemology teacher, João Saágua. I had the opportunity to write three paper works on Quine's Philosophy os Logic, The roots of reference and Word and Object - though those were bad quality papers... (forgive the iniciated ignorant...). Quine is still a unknown philosopher, here in Portugal - known only by phew. Quine is a difficult author, for specialized readers, and i can't say I have became a quine's specialist. Never the less, these readings helped opening to me the doors of analyticall philosophy and philosophy os logic, which are philosophy's essence and philosophy's backbone. In memory of the philosopher, here are my late greetings and the whish that philosophy will increase its vigour, in a world on the merge of a gretaer crisis. Carry on. from Paulo Sousa --- Email: paulo.sousa-3 (at) clix.pt
    122. [WVQ] Jun 27, 2001 "Quines in Topeka KS" (found site through: Google) --- Hi, I was just writing to mention that I came across your site on a random search and thought you might like to know my receptionist's name is Kathy Quine. I'm not sure if there's any link there, but if there is, feel free to email! Thanks, Bill from Debt Consolidation & Loans Central --- Email: webmaster (at) debtconsolidationloanscentral.com Web Page: "https://www.debtconsolidationloanscentral.com"
    123. [WVQ] Jul 4, 2001 "" (found site through: Metacrawler) --- It was 5 years ago today that the W V Quine web site was created! from Doppler --- Email:
    124. [WVQ] Aug 8, 2001 "w.v.o. quine's influence" (found site through: internet explorer) --- I did not know professor quine had died. Fifteen or so years ago I did a m.a. thesis on prof. quine's non-essentialist philosophy. His work had a most tremendous impact on my life and thought. I once wrote to him to ask a specific question about an issue he raised in "two dogmas." To my surprise and delight he wrote me with a rather lengthy and detailed answer. I still keep that letter framed. tpa from tim a. --- Email: revtpa15 (at) hotmail.com
    125. [WVQ] Aug 10, 2001 "Web of Belief, second edition" --- If anyone has information on The Web of Belief, second edition, was ever reviewed please e-mail me with a periodical or web reference. I have searched and have been unable to find one yet. Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to offer. from Will Stackhouse --- Email: ppb1492 (at) aol.com
    126. [WVQ] Aug 18, 2001 "Tribute & Question" (found site through: google) --- Quine's work has influenced my thinking more than any other philosopher living or dead. I recall reading a piece by Quine where he talks (roughly speaking) about the whole of man's evolution as theory development. Even the behaviours of very simple organisms can be seen as embodying or perhaps expressing theories about the way the world is and thus how those behaviours might effect advantages for the organism. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I saw this piece. If anyone recognises it from my sketchy description, I would appreciate being reminded. regards, Chuck Elliot. from Dr. Chuck Elliot --- Email: c.elliot (at) shu.ac.uk Web Page: kingfisher.cms.shu.ac.uk
    127. [WVQ] Aug 20, 2001 "biographical question" (found site through: Abuzz (New York Times)) --- Under what pseudonym(s) did Quine write fiction? from Debra Nails --- Email: nails (at) msu.edu Web Page: https://www.msu.edu/user/nails
    128. [WVQ] Sep 17, 2001 "Cheers" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hello, Just a note to thank Willard .V.O Quine for providing me with the core material for my dissertation (even though it ended up being more about Wittgensteinien scepticism). Now there's pragmatism for you!! Thanks David. from Dave McKenna --- Email: dave_mckenna (at) non.agilent.com
    129. [WVQ] Sep 25, 2001 "Ontological commitments" (found site through: Cal State Univ. Northridge, Prof. Y. Gunther) --- From reading Quine, I gather that he would agree that making an ontological commitment should remain personal, in the sense that it is difficult to nail down tightly the position of the existence of universals and particulars. How then did Quine do this personally? We can see from his writings that he was very sharp and critical, and unique in the sense that where there is valid controvery (this valid controversy exists), then then we have to choose our appropriate path. However, this is quite difficult. Any clarification could help. Thank you. BE from Brian D. Elliott --- Email: elliottbrian (at) hotmail.com
    130. [WVQ] Sep 26, 2002 "w.v.quine" (found site through: ) --- great site from guyman --- Email: mugu (at) guy.com Web Page: http//www.guy.com
    131. [WVQ] Sep 28, 2002 "Quine's religion if any" (found site through Google) --- I was searching to determine if any philosophers were identified as Untiarian or Unitarian Universalist. I located a reference to Prof. Quine. Can you confirm this and cite a reference if possible. I would be interested if he was affiliated with any congregation. I was generally aware of him mainly by reputation. Very truly, Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min. from Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min. --- Email hromatko (at) rconnect.com
      Subject Quine's religion if any: Quine had no religion, this is well documented in his writings and autobiography. Regards - Doug
    132. [WVQ] Oct 16, 2001 "Respects" (found site through: Internet Explorer search under Memorial (University)) --- Hello, I never met Professor Quine but feel as though, in some respects, I know him through his work. The future of philosophy will be greatly modified because of him. Best regards, Chris from Christopher diCarlo --- Email: cwdicarlo (at) yahoo.com Web Page: www.cdicarlo.com
    133. [WVQ] Oct 18, 2001 "gavagai" (found site through: metacrawler.com) --- I have dubbed my web project "9ava9ai" in honor of Dr. Quine's brilliant language. He remains the greatest American analytic philosopher. There is little doubt that his work will resound in 21st century. from Adrien E. Wild --- Email: aewild (at) uno.edu Web Page: https://www.wildwildwild.com
    134. [WVQ] Oct 21, 2001 "A note of appreciation" --- WVO's writing has significantly impacted my life. I still carry in memory a variety of extended quotes from his 'Methods of Logic', and I still model my own finished intellectual expression on his still personally-savored example of elegant and eloquent compression. The inadvertantly best compliment I ever recieved during my university days (long ago) was from a philosophy professor, who in responding to a paper I'd written on B. Russell, commented that I "write like Quine". Two of his books remain in my personal pantheon, and several of his themes (radical translation, inscrutability of reference, et al) have served as metaphors in my social and personal life. Along with Russell, A. Huxley, De Bono and Piet Hein, Quine had a powerful intellectually-formative influence upon me from my early Lexington High School days onwards. In subsequent worldly adult life I've not found clarity of thought and expression to have much social or interpersonal potence, but it remains a strong personal value and esthetic ideal for me, and Quine's writing remains for me a paradigm of it. --Tom Wiedman from Thomas B Wiedman --- Email: tommster1 (at) hotmail.com
    135. [WVQ] Nov 5, 2001 "Touching Base" (found site through: My old guestbook) --- I have visited your Web Site before and have just dropped by for updates. from David MICHAEL --- Email: serpico113 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://www.dmichael.co.uk
    136. [WVQ] Nov 7, 2001 "travels" (found site through: google) --- How many visits did W.V.O Quine make to Disneyland? from P. Wood --- Email:
    137. [WVQ] Nov 11, 2001 "WVQ's article '90 about trisection, the impossibility-proof" (found site through: cannot remember) --- I wrote a critical review of this article (see your list), but did not yet (have/get the chance to) publish it. Math. Magazine has no room and considers my review as too philosophical... Do you know if there is any other critical review of this article? I searched for it, without success. from Charles van der Vring --- Email: vdvring (at) kabelfoon.nl
    138. [WVQ] Nov 16, 2001 "Who Am I??" (found site through: google) --- Clue #1-I was a professor of Mathematics at Oxford University during the Victorian Era, but probably most famous for the work while "moonlighting" Clue #2-I loved to refer to the basic Mathematical operations as "Ambition,Distraction, Uglification, and Derision." Who Am I? Please reply as soon as possible. Deadline Monday Nov. 19, 2001 from Milkygurl --- Email: cctchow (at) hotmail.com Web Page: www.milkygurl.com
    139. [WVQ] Nov 20, 2001 "Chidhood" --- What was his childhood like? from Jayne
    140. [ARCHIVED ... [WVQ] Dec 30, 2001 "roots of the Vienna Circle" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am a high school student doing research for a philosophy paper, which is due January 8, 2002. My chosen topic is to show the roots of the Vienna Circle, and as of now I have had absolutely no luck in finding any information pertaining to my topic. If you could help me in any way such as providing information or even simply pointing me in the right direction, it would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time. ...EXPIRED]
    141. [WVQ] Jan 3, 2002 "'W.V.' versus 'W.V.O.'" --- First, belated condolences. Carnap and Quine are the figures who inspired me to make a career of philosophy. Reading _Word and Object_ as a junior in college sealed the deal for me. My dissertation and first batch of publications center around your father's work. Second, I see many people using the initials 'W.V.O.' (including people asking me to write articles for them). Quine always used 'W.V.'. In deference to his pratice I always use 'W.V.', but I have been wondering about the explanation. The only thing I have found on my own (not that I've been exhaustive in my search) is a brief paragraph on page 2 of _The Time of My Life_ in which Quine puzzles about the name 'Van Orman' (the 'Van' appears to be prepositional, but this calls for 'Orman' or 'Norman' to be a place name and no such place, he says, is to be found). Judging by his use of the two initials over the three, it seems Quine takes 'Van Orman' as a unit. Is there more of an explanation than this? If so, what is it? Does it have anything to do with his having been called 'Van' by friends and colleagues? Thanks to any and all who help. --Paul from Paul A. Gregory --- Email: pgregory (at) mail.colgate.edu Web Page: https://people.colgate.edu/pgregory/
    142. [WVQ] Jan 16, 2002 "I am a Quine" (found site through: Yahoo.com) --- My friend was looking up the history of are and in one of the liks at the top of the page said "Quine" in it, my friend showed me this lik as I am a quine If anyone would be interested in mailing me back the I would be verry happy. thanx. luv Heidi Quine. from Heidi Quine --- Email: frenchie_999_5558_475200_9062 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: www.expage.com/frenchieluvsninnie5558
    143. [WVQ] Jan 25 2002 "WVQ fan mail" (found site through: google) --- This is addressed to Quine's descendants one of whom, Douglas, I presume maintains this web page.
      I turn 50 this year, and cannot remember when I first heard of W V Quine at Harvard. But I am sure it was long ago. For decades I had him (rightly) pigeonholed in my mind as the foremost American philosopher. For some reason, I believed (wrongly) that his specialities were metaphysics and the philosophy of science.
      Last year I began writing my first paper on logic, only to discover the amount and quality of your father's writings in the area. I have worked with mathematics all of my life, but had never heard of your father's work in set theory. I first chanced on Selected Logic Papers, my first encounter with your father's vigorous prose. From there I progressed to Methods of Logic (altho' I had to order the superb 1982 final edition from the USA), From a Logical Point of View (which contains some of the clearest writing I have ever seen on metaphysics), The Ways of Paradox, and finally, the rich humor of Quiddities (from which I learned that, contrary to sophomoric folklore, sardines exist!). Quiddities is a fine introduction for educated lay persons to what your father spent his life thinking about. I am very glad it remains in print. I've even dipped into his pure mathematics, the Mathematical Logic of 1951 and his 1969 book on set theory. I've ordered a copy of the lectures your father gave in Spain in 1990.
      Reading "The Time of My Life", I discovered that your father and I had similar midwestern upbringings, about 40 years apart. I discovered logic reading the Brittanica as a teenager in Louisville KY. But unlike him, I avoided studying it in college because I feared failure. I have read that it is often poorly taught by philosophers or mathematicians who are not specialists in logic. By writing two undergraduate texts, your father tried to alleviate that situation. The British mathematical historian, Ivor Grattan-Guiness, has devoted considerable attention in his 2001 Princeton Uni. Press monograph to your father's contributions to logic. Your father's memoirs also taught me that his friend Carnap was a fine human being, unjustly belittled as a mere logical positivist.
      I really regret that my discovery of Quine the logician began six months after his death. I think I would have greatly profited from corresponding with him. I cite him liberally in the paper I am writing, dedicate it to his memory, and am trying to interest mathematicians in his work. from philip meguire --- Email: p.meguire (at) econ.canterbury.ac.nz
    144. [WVQ] Jan 25, 2002 "Comte St.Germain" --- Comte, if you can read this, I see th volcano has erupted.I am back in 03 gtting ready for a visit. from Julie Rass --- Email: wave322 (at) aol.com
    145. [WVQ] Feb 1, 2002 "Quine and Wittgenstein" (found site through: aol) --- I should like to find out whether and if so when WVO Quine read Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations', whether he commented on it, and whether it had any influence on him. I would be grateful for any references or sources. from David Tanner --- Email: thebulbeck (at) aol.com
    146. [WVQ] Feb 8, 2002 "quine's word and object" (found site through: copernic) --- Is there in the book a chapter called REFERENTIAL VAGARIS? I'm afraid it may be bad-spelled. Thank you, best regards, Diana Estrin/Buenos Aires/Argentina from diana estrin --- Email: destrin (at) datamarkets.com.ar
    147. [WVQ] Feb 21, 2002 "Looking up Geach geanealogy" (found site through: Google) --- There was a reference to a Geach in the first part of your web page - I wondered who it was. from Stella Webster nee/ Geach --- Email: stellawebster (at) hotmail.com.au
    148. [WVQ] Feb 23, 2002 "studying on quine thesis of indeterminacy of translation" (found site through: yahoo) --- i am working on quine philosophy as my thesis in indeterminacy of translation and request help for this case i am waiting for your help by thanks. from behnaz --- Email: hippias76 (at) hotmail.com
    149. [WVQ] Mar 3, 2002 "Your site" (found site through: Google) --- Interesting site! from David --- Email: david (at) goingpostal.cc Web Page: https://www.goingpostal.cc
    150. [WVQ] Mar 11, 2002 "Nice Site" (found site through: epistemelinks) --- Just passing through.... I just recently have been introduced to the philosophy of Quine and must say that I find it to be absolutely fascinating. from Wayne Toshikazu Olson --- Email: wayne (at) wayneolson.com Web Page: www.wayneolson.com
    151. [WVQ] Apr 14, 2002 "" (found site through: ) --- Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors. And people You Are also --> WELCOME Some good informations and much more. from 27 IDX 106 - Odinn --- Web Page: https://www.islandia.is/odinn
    152. [WVQ] Apr 22, 2002 ""Two Dogmas of Analyticity"" (found site through: Google) --- Hello, my name is Jakob v. H. Holtermann. I'm a danish student of philosophy. My question concerns the origin of "Two Dogmas of Empiricism". I have read somewhere that Quine's original motivation for wrighting the article was a growing dissatisfaction with the Fregian concept of "sense"/"Sinn". Unfortunately I can't remember where I read it. If any of the users of this site could help me finding the passage, I would be very grateful. Even though I cherrish his writings like that of almost no other philosopher, it's quite exhausting rereading every each page of his writings that I've read so far - being quite a few. Thanks for a great website! Sincerely Jakob v. H. Holtermann, University of Roskilde, Denmark from Jakob v. H. Holtermann --- Email: jvhh (at) ruc.dk
    153. [WVQ] May 5, 2002 "Quine" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Just wanted to sign the Guestbook--I'm writing my dissertation on Quine and Wittgenstein on how they understand language and meaning--I'm looking at Quine's indeterminancy in Word and Object and comparing and contrasting it to some similar themes in the Investigations. Thanks a lot. from Ron Hustwit --- Email: rhustwi (at) uark.edu
    154. [WVQ] May 9, 2002 "THE QUINES" (found site through: FROM THE WEB) --- THIS IS A GREAT AS I HAVE COME TO KNOW MUCH ABOUT MY FRIENDS , ROBERT QUINE AND HAROLD QUINE from MICHEAL SPENCER --- Email: mspencer16 (at) hotmail.com
    155. [WVQ] Jul 23, 2002 "" (found site through: ) --- Saw you letter to the editor in Linn's and thought I'd pay your postnet site a visit. Interesting site, I'll bookmark it at work. I work for the Postal Service in Pebble Beach CA. I have a 'manual' POSTNET Barcode decoder that I could send you if you are interested. from Richard Barthelow --- Email: Richard.Barthelow (at) GTE.net
    156. [WVQ] Jul 28, 2002 "request!" (found site through: google) --- Dear sir, I am so happy to find this web. Actually I have translated professor Quine's "The Web of Belief" (2nd ed., Random House. Inc., 1978) for the first time in my country I.R.IRAN. May I ask you to send me some comments and points of view of contemporary philosophers on the mentioned book? I would like to inform you that I have been faced to a lot of problems to publish the book. Heidegerian in my country have the power and consider this book, and any analytic philosophy works as a cheap works! I request you to guide and help me to be able to defend of The Web of Belief. Sending any qoutation or comments on professor Quine and his works, specially "The Web of Belief", will be highly apreciated. Waiting to hear from you. Yours, Rasoulipour, R., Dean, Faculty of Humanities, University of Tarbiat Moallem, No. 49, Mofateh Ave., Tehran-I.R.IRAN. Email: rasoulipour (at) yahoo.com from Rasoulipour, R. --- Email: rasoulipour (at) yahoo.com
    157. [WVQ] Jul 31, 2002 "Philosophical Machine Learning " (found site through: www.google.com ) --- I thought I would mention the fact that during my research into what I wanted to do for my dissertation that the philosophy underlying the program was that of omni-falabilism because I wanted no parts of the learner to be fixed for all time, all subject to revision and improvement. Obviously I had been influenced by osmotic pressure from philosophers such as Quine although I had not conciously come accross his work before the idea. Will from William Pearson --- Email: w.pearson (at) mail.com
    158. [WVQ] Jul 31, 2002 "Philosohpical Machine Learning " (found site through: www.google.com) --- I thought I would mention the fact that during my research into what I wanted to do for my dissertation that the philosophy underlying the program was that of omni-falabilism because I wanted no parts of the learner to be fixed for all time, all subject to revision and improvement. Obviously I had been influenced by osmotic pressure from philosophers such as Quine although I had not conciously come accross his work before the idea. Will from William Pearson --- Email: w.pearson (at) mail.com
    159. [WVQ] Sep 28, 2002 "Quine's religion if any" (found site through: Google) --- I was searching to determine if any philosophers were identified as Untiarian or Unitarian Universalist. I located a reference to Prof. Quine. Can you confirm this and cite a reference if possible. I would be interested if he was affiliated with any congregation. I was generally aware of him mainly by reputation. Very truly, Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min. from Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min. --- Email: hromatko (at) rconnect.com Web Page:
    160. [WVQ] Oct 1, 2002 "Wake UP and know who is Living or wanted in your zip code!" (found site through: ) --- Wake UP and know who is Living or wanted in your zip code! This page can save your life. included in Predators and Criminal most wanted and registered. from Inspector Gismo --- Web Page: https://raymondslaw.org/criminallinks
    161. [WVQ] Oct 19, 2002 "i want an easy book to philosophy of quine" --- please help me from ali kalantari --- Email: tootia_1357 (at) yahoo.com
      Ali - I would suggest reading "Quiddities" if you want an excellent book of essays. "Philosophy of Logic" and "Web of Belief" are also very good starting books. links to all are available at the wvquine.org web site. Regards - Doug
    162. [WVQ] Oct 21, 2002 "please help me find my Father" (found site through: HOTMAIL.COM) --- PLEASE FIND MY FATHER. HE IS A USAF. HE'S NAME IS MARK "KEVIN" ALLEN. SON OF MIS MABLE ALLEN AND MR. DONALD ALLEN. MY NAME IS JOHN. MY CONTECT NUMBER IS (02)4554567, I'M IN MANILA, PHILIPPINES. from John Abayan Allen --- Email: marklim_j (at) yahoo.com
    163. [WVQ] Oct 21, 2002 " Family site......Way to go famiy and Kids!!!!" (found site through: Guest Books at "AskJeeves") --- HEy eveyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did you guys watch the new scoobey Do Moive.....Can't spell for crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you watch Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!!!! I do and I am 27 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sponge Bob is my favorite character.......who is yours ?????!!!!
    164. [WVQ] Oct 26, 2002 "Slum of possibles" (found site through alltheweb.com) --- Where does Quine use the phrase "slum of possibles?" from Jon Elster --- Email je70 (at) columbia.edu
      Jon - A good question. It appears that the answer is in "On What There Is". I base this upon the following web site http//philosophy.thereitis.org/courses/metaphysics/metaphysics.php?show=quine2
      Suggestions for Reading Quine, "On What there Is"
      Key Themes Pegasus, round square, nonbeing, desert landscapes, fat man in the doorway, Russell, descriptions, names, bound variables, ontological commitment, utility, simplicity, deflationist ontology The Platonic Riddle of Nonbeing
      • Characterize each Quinean response: Quine's Argument from Ontological Taste He claims the resultant "bloated universe" is a too-"disorderly" "slum of possibles," offensive to the "taste for desert landscapes" (40).
      I've confirmed it by looking at the essay "On What There Is" [page 4] (reprinted in "From a Logical Point of View") - where Quine talks about Wyman's Slum of Possibles .... Regards - Doug
    165. [WVQ] Oct 27, 2002 "theory of knowledge-naturalistic" (found site through: google) --- 1968 Quine talked about a theory of knowledge he called naturalistic. Can you tell me what happened with this idea? Did he took it any further or has anybody else? from Tony Sporrong --- Email: tonysporrong (at) hotmail.com
    166. [WVQ] Oct 29 2002 "W. V. Quine's portrait" (found site through: google) --- I am working on a portrait (of sort) of W. V. Quine. For some reason, it would be very convenient to have confirmation that professor Quine has been enjoying smoking cigarettes. Although I have seen pictures of him smoking the pipe (in his twenties), a document demonstrating him indulging cigarettes still escapes me. Be assured that my project is purely artistic in its intent and does not aim at being, in any way, disrecpectful of the late W. V. Quine, whom I greatly admire. I am congratulating you for this very interesting web-site and thanking you for your time and effort. Marc Kokinski from Marc Kokinski --- Email: justine.marc (at) sympatico.ca
      Dear Marc, It would be incorrect and improper to show W. V. Quine smoking a cigarette ever. He never smoked cigarettes. He did smoke a pipe until the middle 1960's at times. - Regards - Doug
    167. [WVQ] Nov 5, 2002 ""Philosophy of science is philosophy enough"" (found site through: google) --- For the famous dictum of W.V.O. Quine "Philosophy of science is philosophy enough" you refer to the essay "On What There Is" as it is found in "From A Logical Point of View". I went through this essay time and again and could not verify the citation. I also searched the internet where I found frequent references to that sentence, but there was none that gave a hint where to find it. I am using the second revised edition of "From A Logical Point of View", 12th printing 1999. Could you give me the page where to find that dictum or could help me in any other way? That would be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Dirk Evers from Dirk Evers --- Email: dirk.evers (at) uni-tuebingen.de Web Page: https://homepages.uni-tuebingen.de/dirk.evers/
      I agree that the quote seems not to be there. I'd appreciate the correct citation if anyone can find it. Best regards - Doug [webmaster]
    168. [WVQ] Nov 6, 2002 "Owe most of my philosophical convictions to W.V. Quine" (found site through: Google) --- Good Idea to keep this site open! from Georg Schoen --- Email: g.b.schoen (at) t-online
    169. [WVQ] Nov 30, 2002 "Essasys" (found site through: yahoo) --- Here (in Uruguay) is hard to find books by Quine, and I want to read his works. Can you give me some links in the web? Thanks and geetings from Oscar --- Email: graffin (at) adinet.com.uy
    170. [WVQ] Dec 3, 2002 "copyright permission" (found site through: google) --- We are seeking permission to make 14 copies of Truth by Convention authored by W. V. Quine for professor Fennell at Grinnell College for a course in philosophy. Please respond. Thanks, Wanda from Wanda Binnix --- Email: wbinnix (at) xanedu.com
    171. [WVQ] Dec 9, 2002 "Quine rules" (found site through: google) --- I just read the man's "two dogmas of empiricism" today. This guy is/was a bloody genius! I love him! That is all. from Martin --- Web Page: tangmonkey.com
    172. [WVQ] Dec 9, 2002 "Profound contributor to advance of the structure of philosophic thought." (found site through: Google) --- It is of great interest that Harvard Professor Quine advanced the structure of philosophic thought in the last half of the twentieth century at the same time that the late Harvard Professor Stephen Jay Gould advanced evolutionary thought especially as seen in The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. I think ideas evolve perhaps in the same way species do, the sum total of actions taken upon them with the profound thinkers like them having by far the most impact. from Robert Springer --- Email: bobspring (at) earthlink.net
    173. [WVQ] March 27 2003 "Stress distribution simulation" --- In 'From Stimulus to Science' Ouine says on page 89: "Other muscles enter the thought process too, as Watson appreciated, notably in the case of ... the engineer who, simulates in his muscles ... the distribution of stresses in what he means to build." As a university lecturer in solid mechanics I would like to get in touch with anyone who has applied the idea of stress distribution simulation in the muscles of an engineer to improve standard of teaching. My primary concern is how this can be done and applied to a first course in strength of materials for, on the whole, young and unexperienced pupils and in particular an advanced course in fracture mechanics. Kind regards - Kjell Eriksson, Dr,
      Department of Solid Mechanics,
      Lulea University of Technology
      S-971 87 Lulea Ph +46 920 492290
      Sweden Fx +46 920 491047
      Kjell Eriksson email: kjelle (at) mt.luth.se
    174. [WVQ]May 5, 2003 "Definition of natural numbers" Dear Doug, When I first read Quine's book 'From Stimulus to Science' a number of points caught my attention. One of these was about stress distribution simulation in muscles, whose possible pedagogical value in solid mechanics courses interested me and which I wrote to you about. The present topic, which has puzzled me for some time, is Quine's method of generating the natural numbers.

      Quine defines, on page 54, the three-place multiplication predicate 'Pxyz' to mean x = y dot z. The greek letter 'capital pi' is used instead of 'P' and the dot sign instead of 'dot' in 'y dot z' in the original text. This definition, together with the addition predicate, which I denote Axyz, is used to define the numbers 0 1 2 etc.

      Now, as far as I can see, it appears possible to define 0 by using Axyz without invoking numbers, i.e. the concept of zero can be defined without having previously introduced or used numbers. We thus have a zero concept independent of numbers. An obvious intuitive application is to anything of which we have an idea of its magnitude, for example lengths along a line. Applying Axyz, the pertinent question is then: Given some magnitude, which such magnitude added to itself will produce the given magnitude. The answer is of course the zero (and only the zero) magnitude. The zero magnitude added to itself yields the zero magnitude. Thus Axyz yields the zero magnitude which we may denote 0. Note that numbers, in particular the number 2, have not been used to obtain the zero magnitude.

      Then Pxyz, together with Axyz, is used to define 1, but I fail to see how this is accomplished. Specifically, how is multiplication defined here, prior to the introduction of numbers. In its ordinary sense multiplication can be described as the repeated addition of some given or chosen unit. To execute the addition we must count our units, i.e. use numbers. From a naive realism point of view it thus seems that the Pxyz-definition of 1 is circular. The question is how Quine defines multiplication in Pxyz without invoking numbers.
      I would very much like to know if this subject is dealt with more extensively elsewhere in Ouine's writings or perhaps you know a recognised expert to whom I can direct my query.

      Kind regards - Kjell
      Kjell Eriksson Dr
      Division of Solid Mechanics
      Department of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering
      Luleå University of Technology
      SE 97187 Luleå Sweden
      Phone +46 920 492290 Fax +46 920 491047
      E-mail kjell.eriksson (at) sirius.luth.se
      Kjell - I regret that this is not my area of expertise. I'll be happy to post and relay insights from those who do offer insights. - Regards - Doug
    175. [WVQ] June 4, 2003 "message for Quine" Quine's dictionary is functional set theory, where three words like red, blue, and green, are linked together, or, as in my famous Spanish dictionary, the entry reads I am sorry in which the sympathy or Erfulling, of the message is linked to a white space of instrumental reason, that is useful in helping us renew our minds.

      I have no sympathy because I would be lax in my orders and defenses, and I am not wasting my time, I am wasting no time on anyone but Yasmin, and Gary Gabriel, we also have Gari Grabrielle , and they are friendlier than the cutting words of Willard Quine. I am writing this to help us hear this history and not for effect; but the president a la Richard, "almost broke reading carnap". This looks like another field of reason other than Kant, and I would wager that there would be dangerous effects, in another path. Quine was friendly to the president, but very quickly forgot transcendental contexts because he was not idealist. Tell Foellesdal that I have to get this complete story straight with truth, and the president might expose someone. In an acid test of utility, I have called you, and I hope that Oslo is peaceful, also. --- Dbutler225 (at) aol.com
    176. [WVQ] June 20, 2003 "Boynton" Along with many others I studied WVO Quine at college. I notice his Boynton ancestry. I used to live very near Boynton and know the Boynton estate, just outside Bridlington on the Driffield road. From the genealogy "William Boynton (Yorkshire, England) (1605 or 1606 -) --- Planter, weaver, tailor, teacher. Married Elizabeth Jackson (in England, she came to Rowley with him). Four sons born in Rowley: John (Dec 19 1640 - Mar 26, 1665); Zachariah (Oct 11 1644 - Aug 4 1660); Joshua (Mar 10 1646 - ?); Caleb (Apr 7 1650 - ?). Three daughters: Elizabeth (Dec 11 1642 - ?); Mary (July 23 1648 - ?); Sarah (Dec 1 1652 - Aug 8 1654). William Boynton joined the expedition (with his brother John) under the auspices of Sir Matthew Boynton in 1637 to settle in New England." Many of the names in the family tree reflect places local to Bridlington, East Yorkshire and I know them well, Grindale (a small village where I once lived), East Heslerton, Acclam, Newton. Boynton Hall is a fine building in woody grounds, which often hosts charity fetes etc. Congratulations on an interesting addition to a philosopher's website. Yours faithfully, James Lambert --- email: hildabloodaxe (at) msn.com
      James - thank you for the wonderful message. It is great to gain a better understanding of the Boynton roots. A minor correction. WVO Quine is my father and my mother is a Boynton. Therefore I am the first generation to share both Boynton and Quine ancestors. Regards - Doug
      Addendum: Dear Sir/ Madam, I used to live in East Yorkshire, near Bridlington. In the 1970' s I remember studying Quine at college. I was not very good at philosophy in those days but he contributed to a view I now hold that science is three parts poetry. I am only 80% sure of this but I believe the main (titled) ancestral branch of the Boynton family tree now resides at Burton Agnes Hall, Burton Agnes, Driffield, East Yorkshire. The small village, Burton Agnes has a large duck pond. It used to be always cracking and draining. The village is located on the edge of The Wolds, a large region of arable cornfields. The land is so productive there are hardly any woods in East Yorkshire. Yours Faithfully, Mr. J.O. Lambert.

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