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Quine Family Guest Book Part 2 by Douglas Boynton Quine

Douglas Boynton Quine - Quine Family Guest Book classified by web page. Each guest book item includes initials of the sender, the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of my Family web pages.

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Quine Family Guest Book Part 2 by Douglas Quine

  1. [Quine] Jan 13 2003 "Clague and Curphey connection" --- Hi, I noticed your reference to Clague and Curphey, and I am curious to know the connection between your name and those of my Douglas, IOM ancestors. (Grandfather and Grandmother). Ricky Cooper --- email: ROCOCO1934 (at) aol.com
    Ricky - My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather is the Clague connection in the Isle of Man:
    Robert Quine (Onchan, Isle of Man) ? - 1809 (wed Mary Clague 1768)
    The Curphey connection is through a message in this guest book:
    [Quine] Dec 3, 1999 "Quines" (found site through: familysearch) --- Family connections with the Quine family. A Robert Quine emigrated to USA and apparently became a surgeon and served in the USAF where he was killed in a plane crash. He had a wife in the Isle of Man and never divorced her. He had, presumably, a common-law wife in USA and had a son and daughter-Don (of the Virginian fame and who apparently has 2 children) and Janice. I would very much like to find out some more details of these and Irene, Don's mother. Robert's mother was my grandfather's sister. Robert's wife had a daughter Avril and she had 2 children Ruth and Robert and died from eclampsia shortly after this birth. I have a fairly extensive tree of the present Quines (with my connection) and Corkill, Clague and Curphey connections. Of Robert's generation only Clarence Bridson Quine is alive and not too well at the moment unfortunately. Cheers Phil Corkill from Phil Corkill --- Email: corkie (at) talk21.com
    Best regards - Doug
  2. [Quine] Jan 17, 2003 "William Frederick Quine b 1795" --- Hello - I have a william frederick quine b 1795. He served in the navy as an apprentice surgeon. He married Eliza Hollingshead in 1818 in Liverpool. He was involved in the cholera outbreak in 1832/33. He died in 1848. Have you any information on him at all please. --- Eric Price email: eric.w.price (at) blueyonder.co.uk
    Eric - I regret that I do not have information about Quine family members in the UK. I only have slim information about my ancestors who came to the USA. I would suggest contacting the Isle of Man Family History Society (https://www.isle-of-man.com/interests/genealogy/fhs/intro.shtml). The Quine family comes from the Isle of Man and the society has very solid information about Quine family members. Best regards - Doug
  3. [Quine] May 14, 2003 "Subject: QUINE/KEWLEY/BOYD/McLARTY/Kissack" --- Hello..... seeking QUINEs who may have intermarried with KEWLEYs in the Onchan area of the IOM. Apparently, KEWLEY has been established at the Onchan Parish Church for more than 130 years. Would also like some information if Onchan Parish Church records are available for research and how to do that. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, John Pohlman --- email: JPohlman (at) monierlifetile.com / suzanne.pohlman (at) cox.net
    I'm sorry that I can't offer any insights myself. However, the Isle of Man family history society is especially strong in Quine history. You can reach them through the links at my web site: https://www.quine.org/quine.html Good luck and please reply with any new information to add to the guest book. Best regards - Doug
  4. [Quine] May 30, 2003 "Hi there - seeking Quine information" Hi, My name is Wayne Quine and I have included a little bit of information below. Can you enlighten me any? --- Wayne and Teresa Quine --- email: wntquine (at) optusnet.com.au

    These names should be registered in Onchan Village – Kirk Onchan churchyard (in the Isle of Man).

    Wayne - Although I have visited the Kirk Onchan churchyard and found some of my ancestors on a trip to the Isle of Man, I can't add anything to your notes. Perhaps another reader can offer some further details. - Regards, Doug

  5. [Quine] June 18, 2003 "Norma Quine and Leslie Linder" It was great to meet and enjoy the company of Norma Quine and Leslie Linder aboard the Vollendam on cruise to Alaska. Paul and Els Heber

  6. [Quine] June 18, 2003 "C. R. Quine's Article "Akron's Old Forge," published 1950" Hi! I am interested in the history of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal.
    Recently, I found that Mr. Cloyd Robert Quine had written an article titled, "Akron's Old Forge." In it Cloyd included a map of the nine locks of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal, which were presumably located near his business.
    These locks are shown on his map, but he does not state where he got the map or how he located these nine locks.
    I do not know if you or other family members can add or clarify the data published by Cloyd, but if you can you can help, I certainly would appreciate it. Best Regards, Don Danko --- ADVPATRES (at) nccw.net
    Thank you for the note. This certainly is a "blast from the past". I am aware of the writings that my grandfather did on the history of Akron and Ohio. I even have some of them buried in a very deep family file. However, I have no idea where he obtained the information about the locks - and he, my father, and my uncle are no longer around to ask. The only possibility would be to explore the Ohio historical records - but that is probably how you found these papers. Sorry I can't help more. - Doug

  7. [Quine] July 23, 2003 "Phyliss Quine who married Harry Simmonds" Hi, how amazing! I'm Leigh Simmonds. I was just browsing through the internet and thought I would look up my grandmother's maiden name - She was a Phyliss Quine who came to Birmingham, England in WW2 and married Harry Simmonds. I know that my grandmother had a sister called Mable and I think a Gladys and I know she also had a brother Arthur who went to live in Germany and I think she may have had another brother who I met once but I dont recall his name. It would be brilliant to find some distant relatives and ancestors. Where do I start? Many thanks. Leigh SIMONDS ... email: matt (at) pegasusconstruction.freeserve.co.uk
    Thank you for note (and my deep regrets for the extraordinary delay in responding to you). The Isle of Man family society (link at my web site: www.quine.org/quine.html) has excellent information about the Quine family. When your message to the Quine guest book is p;osted later tonight, it will makes 175 postings. You may find many of the other messages of interest - they come from Quine relatives from England to Australia and many places in between (link: www.quine.org/guestqui.html). Best regards - Doug, Douglas Boynton Quine, webmaster

  8. [Quine] November 16, 2003 "Willliam John Quine" --- My father William John Quine was born in Nottingham in 1918 he is the son of Thomas Quine and Polly Webster. William married Nora Gunn in Nottingham. There were 6 children in the family. I am their only child my name is Elspeth Hibbert nee Quine --- email: ehibbert (at) telkomsa.net

  9. [Quine] November 22, 2003 "Gertrude Quine" --- My Name is Allan Gibb born 10-06-1948 of Melbourne, Australia. My Tree as I know it to be:
    Allan Gibb - Engineer of Scotland 
    married GERTRUDE QUINE of the Isle of Man 
    son Thomas Gibb 
    Daughter Maisie Gibb - died childless 
    Thomas Gibb 
    married Katherine Pitt 
    Son Allan Gibb (writer herein) 
    Son William Gibb 
    Can you verify or offer me any information on Gertrude Quine? --- Allan --- email: doubleg (at) ozemail.com.au
    [see entry below at December 28, 2003 for family tree details from ALlan Gibb]

  10. [Quine] December 11, 2003 "Quiñe relatives?" Hi as you can see, my Name is Juan Pablo Quiñe Paz. My GrandParent is Juan Pablo Quiñe Arista, we are from Perú, I was looking for some Genealogy, and I found you, as you can see My last name it's with "ñ" and I was asking me if we were relatives or not. Here is something about me, I'm from Perú, I'm 27 years old, I'm a system's engineer, and work for Ernst & Young in Technology Services and Risk Services, I hope we could talk soon... Bye, Juan Pablo --- email: Juan.Quine (at) pe.ey.com Note: Excuse my English it's not my native language

  11. [Quine] December 28, 2003 "Gertrude Quine from Isle of Man and the Gibb, Pitt, Hayter, Duff, and Bolton family trees" Hello Douglas, I have attached my extensive database (excel) with names, dates, and photographs gibb-family-tree.xls (565 kb in size) on my family. It is divided into 3 sections (sheets) The Gibb line is my true blood line but unfortunately this is the line I have only small information on. As to my connection with the BeeGees - I don't know as I don't have the information ex England/Scotland and the Isle of Man. Regards - Allan Gibb --- email: doubleg (at) ozemail.com.au

  12. [Quine] December 28, 2003 "Just a hello" --- Hi, Richard Lindsay Quine here, I live in NJ now. My father was Willam Lindsay Quine, sister Janet Quine, brother David Lindsay Quine. Just wanted to say hello. Richard Lindsay Quine

  13. [Quine] December 11, 2004 "Quine in California" --- hi, my name is John Landis Quine, and i was just searching the net and came across your page. Pretty cool stuff. My dad is William Douglas Quine, and his father was Charles William Quine. I believe Charles came from Canada and moved to San Francisco where my dad was born. -JQ (jlquine (at) ucdavis.edu)

  14. [Quine] "Stanley Tinwald Quine and Mark Quine" --- I am yet another Quine - from Australia. I have always wanted to trace my family tree, but thought it to much trouble. Upon finding the Quine web site, I began to think that maybe one of you other Quines out there would help me get started in the right direction. All I know to date is that the Quine name originates from the Isle Of Man, and the name of my Great Grandfather was Stanley Tinwald Quine - who apparently was born in Australia from what I was told. If any one has anything to share with me regarding my ancester, I would be very pleased. With thanks, Mark Quine (Queensland - Australia) msquine (at) iprimus.com.au

  15. [Quine] March 5, 2005 "Thomas Quine family in Australia" --- Hello. My name is Raina Quine. I live in Brisbane, Australia. My father is Thomas Edward Quine, his father; Thomas George Quine and his father; Thomas George Quine. Unfortunately we haven't been able to trace back any futher, but it's nice to see a website of so many Quines. - Raina Quine [rainamcc (at) ourbrisbane.com]

    Dear Raina and Mark (previous 2 messages) - Thanks for your messages, funny to receive two similar messages within a month from Australia! I wish I could help but I have nothing to offer regarding your specific family line. I can only suggest that you contact the Isle of Man family history society - they are very active with the Quine name. There have been a few postings from Australia at our Quine guestbook (which I've copied below). By the way, my family enjoyed visiting Australia a couple of years ago - and my father (wvquine.org) very much enjoyed his visit there in 1959.

    ORIGINAL GUESTBOOK: www.quine.org/guestqu1.html
    CURRENT GUESTBOOK: www.quine.org/guestqui.html -- Best regards - Douglas B. Quine, webmaster, www.quine.org
  16. [Quine] May 20, 2005 "seeking Alan John Quine Evans" --- Hello Has anyone had any contact with Alan John Quine Evans who wrote entry no. 114 in the first guest book? I have just discovered the very interesting site.When reading the guest book I saw that Alan's grandfather was my uncle so I tried to contact him, via the web address that he gave, but met with no success. Hope someone can help! Mike Evans [mrmevans (at) btinternet.com]
  17. [Quine] May 25, 2005 "seeking Alan John Quine Evans" --- Hello, Quines and reationship to Harveys and Evans Doug. I attempted to send a message to Leigh Simmonds ref his entry no 175 in your guest book 2, but it was returned as not deliverable. He mentioned that his grandmother, Phyllis Quine, had a sister Mabel and another, Gladys. I think I know the family - Gladys , Mabel and Clifford used to come and visit us. There was another brother Arthur (and four other children who all died in infancy or early youth - the eldest, Colin, sadly died in 1912 aged only 16) -- However their surname was not 'Quine' but 'Harvey'. They were related to the Quines but only by marriage - their mothers brother, John Evans married Mary Jane Quine in 1887. I think this might interest Leigh Simmonds and also Alan John Quine Evans who is descended from John Evans. (entry no 114 in the first guest book refers). yours, Mike Evans [mrmevans (at) btinternet.com]
  18. [Quine] June 18, 2005 "Hello to other Australian Quines" --- My name is Gabrielle Thompson (Quine) and I am a descendant of Edward and Eliza Quine who arrived in Australia in 1884 who's son George Harrison Quine was my grandfather. Most interested to get in contact with Gwen Meredith whose visits to our house during my childhood were always memorable. Gwen's mother Jean was a Quine and one of my aunties. Would be pleased to hear from you Gwen. Mary and Laurie say hello. Contact me on : llily2004 (at) hotmail.com]
  19. [Quine] June 18, 2005 "William Quine, 19th-century RN surgeon" --- You may be interested to know that the BBC Radio-4 programme _Making History_ discussed one William Quine from the Isle of Man, a surgeon in the Royal Navy during the 19th century. Quite possibly an ancestor of yours? And, indeed, the listener whose ancestor he is may well be a relative? The BBC could perhaps put you in touch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/making_history/making_history_20050628.shtml Series 11, Programme 11, 28 June 2005 A Royal Navy surgeon in the 19th century Making History listener Jennifer Fell contacted the programme for help in finding out more about the career of her ancestor William Quine. Quine served as an Acting Assistant Surgeon on board HMS Neptune (1811) and HMS Grampus (1815). Jennifer wanted to know about Quine's training and the skills he might have had. Making History consulted Peter Goodwin, Curator of HMS Victory in Portsmouth, and Tony Harrison, Surgeon for the Historical Maritime Society. Daniel Hill ___________________________ Dr Daniel J. Hill 23 Shrigley Road Bollington Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 5RD UK djhill (at) liverpool.ac.uk (E-mail Address)
  20. [Quine] August 5, 2005 "Quine grandson" --- Hi Doug, I read your material regarding my mother Janice and her brother Don both children of Robert Quine (surgeon in USAF). I was hoping you could share some family tree information that touches Robert Quine and my Great Uncle, Clarey Quine of IOM. Chris [isleoman (at) cox.net]
  21. [Quine] August 10, 2005 "Robert William Quine of Australia and South Africa" --- Hi there, My Grandfather was Robert William Quine, born in Melborne Australia 23/7/1894. He came to Cape Town and opened a Ship Chandling business in the harbour, named ROBERT QUINE & SON. He had 5 children and 18 grandchildren and those grandchildren now have their own children. So Quines, there are many more of us over here. If you would like to know all about us, please contact me, JENNI MITCHELL [jenny (at) dogongroup.com]
  22. [Quine] August 11, 2005 "The Quine family" --- Hi. Like many other postings I am aware of being a rarity in Australia, however I am trying to trace when the first Quine made their way to the Australian shore. I am an archaeologist and currently working at Port Arthur in Tasmania and am interested in Clay smoking pipes of which we have a manx one in the collection. I have searched but can find no trace of a Quine convict but that is not to say that one was not a solider or seaman. Do you know anything of any early Quine’s to travel to Australia either free or convict?
    Thank you for your time
    Sarah Quine     [Sarah.Quine (at) portarthur.org.au]
    Collection Assistant
    Port Arthur Historic Site
    Port Arthur
    Telephone 03 6251 2337
    Facsimile 03 6251 2322
    Visit our website at https://www.portarthur.org.au/
  23. [WVQ] September 22, 2005 "Catherine Quine" --- Hi, I came across your web address from a response on the IOM Genealogy discussion board by Nigel Crowe..
    I am wondering if you might be able to verify if this Catherine Quine who was born <1767> in Patrick died <1804> in ? (unknown parents) was married to a Philip Shimmin on 26 Jul 1787 in Patrick.
    Am guessing that the birth for Philip Shimmin was 12 Sep 1762 Patrick, son of Philip Shimmin.
    Have these children so far of a Phillip Shimmin & Catherine Quine
    Sarah Shimmin c23 Sep 1787 Patrick
    Ann Shimmin c12 Sep 1789 Patrick would be my gggg-grandmother
    Margaret Shimmin c30 May 1802 Patrick
    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Timothy Johnson --- Kickbacked (at) aol.com
  24. [Quine] October 5, 2005 "The Criterion Quartette, members named Quine, Snow, Noeker, Dumas." --- Hello. Recently I came across a piece of sheet music from about 1920 with a photo of The Criterion Quartette, members named Quine, Snow, Noeker, Dumas. Was this Mr. Quine related to Cloyd Robert Quine, or any in the family? His eyes are much like those I remember of Cloyd's son Robert, of Akron Ohio. Thanks for any info. you can share. Nancy Pittenger Need

    Nancy - This sounds interesting. I'm not familiar with any such group. Regards - Doug

    Thanks for the quick responses, Doug. I'm attaching here the photo from the music and the two halves of the front of the music. My parents were close friends of both Bob & Ginna, and then Bob & Rosalie. I'm a couple years older than "Robbie" as I knew him, and his younger brother "Van." Our families were together occasionally in the fifties. I met Kit once, about 1957, when he came to visit his father. I think perhaps my father arranged the meeting as Kit appeared at our home before the meeting with his father. My mother (very healthy, about to celebrate her 94th birthday) speaks fondly of their evenings together with Rosalie & Bob and the French & Brazilian music they shared. I'll be interested to hear of any connection you discover! Nancy
    Front of sheet music: Criterion Quartette - Quine, Snow, Noeker, Dumas Criterion Quartette - Quine, Snow, Noeker, Dumas Photograph enlarged: Criterion Quartette - Quine, Snow, Noeker, Dumas
    Any insights among other readers? I don't recognize the face. - Doug
  25. [Quine] December 22, 2005 "Quines, Kewleys and Corkill" --- Hi I find some of the questions and information quite interesting! I am a Corkill by birth with all of the Corkills originating in the parish of Rushen, Isle of Man. My Fathers Mother was a Quine - one of 5 sisters who all came from Rushen/Malew.
    However, on my Mothers side of the family - Killip we are descended from Kewleys who are buried in Kirk Onchan there being quite a few generations there that I am related to. I actually live in Onchan these days just around the corner from St Peter's church and although we have never found any direct cross -over between the two sides of the family I do wonder if there are connections between the two lots.
    Regards Pamela Ford (nee Corkill), Client Services, Nedgroup Investments (IOM) Limited - Registered in the Isle of Man No. 57917C Nedgroup Investments Fund Xchange Limited - Registered in the Isle of Man No. 95721C --- pford (at) nedgroupinvestments.com ; Web: www.nedgroupinvestments.com
  26. [Quine] June 3, 2006 "Quine family in South Africa, Liverpool, and Australia" --- Hi Doug, Just checked out the Quine site, it`s great to know we have so many relatives world wide. My great grandad was Thomas Alfred Quine born Lonan IOM 1860s ,went to S AFRICA in 1900 with two of his son`s and joined the gold rush, they hit it big and returned to the IOM. They moved to Liverpool shortly after and bought Pubs and Clubs with the new found wealth. There are still alot of Quines in L,pool, I`m living in Australia, been here 20 years. All the best Dom Smyth. dtkls (at) kooee.com.au
  27. [Quine] July 22, 2006 "Don Quine" --- Hey i was looking at you web page and i just wanted to tell you that my grandfather is don quine and my dad is james quine. My name is andrew and i am 16 and would love to talk to you more but i am sure that this is my grandfater his dad died in a plane crash. Don also has two other sons Robert \Quine (named after his grandfather) and Sean Quine. So if you want to talk to me or my grandfather more i would love to see your family tree. Sincerely, Andrew Quine P.S. this is my mom's address -- lainey (at) hawaii.rr.com
  28. [Quine] December 13, 2006 "Thomas E Quine, Fullerton, CA" --- I am looking for relatives of Thomas E Quine, born in 1885 and died in 1977. He was an Osteopath and practiced in Fullerton, CA, which, as near as I can tell, is where he died in 1977. Jim -- jfc36jr (at) toast.net
    Jim - Sorry I can't offer any help. Our branch of the Quine family came to America in about 1859 and any common ancestor seems to be far back in the Isle of Man. Regards - Doug
  29. [Quine] December 15, 2006 "francisco m iriarte" --- Hello, my name is francisco m iriarte, my mother's maiden name is quine. i live in north nj and i just wanted to say hello. Francisco -- jamonestabernaskarmas (at) netzero.net
  30. [Quine] March 26, 2007 --- "Quine from the Philippines" --- Hi, I'm Ryan Quine 25 yrs old from Philippines. I just typed my name at the address box and then your webpage came up and so I start to read it. I'm just wondering if we are relatives? I'm just curious because we do have the same family name (Quine).... Hoping for your reply, thanks. Ryan Quine --- email: ryanquine (at) yahoo.com
  31. [Quine] May 3, 2007 --- "Frederick Quine, Orange City, County Volusia, Florida" --- Hi, I'm researching my family tree, during which l found a Frederick Quine who died April, 1984, Orange City, County Volusia, Florida. Frederick was my Gt Grandfathers Grandson. My Gt Grandfather was James Edward Quine born 1863 IOM. I don't know if Frederick had any family but if there are any descendent's please get in touch. Regards, David Quine, Isle of Man --- email: delq (at) manx.net
  32. [Quine] September 24, 2007 --- "Harry Quine and Helen Quine in Manchester England" --- Hi-- I'm researching my family genealogy and am trying to locate relatives of Harry and Helen Quine. Helen was the daughter of Alexander and Isabel (Cannell) Robertson from Douglas, Isle of Man. Harry and Helen had two children, Annette and Richard. I believe the family lived in Manchester,England. Thanks for any help and information about this family. Regards, Ruth A. Burgoine -- ruthie64 (at) juno.com
    Ruth - My regrets that I don't have information about the Quine family in England. I suggest checking with the Isle of Man Family History Society - they are very active and have a lot of information about the Quine family. There is a link in the first paragraph at my web site: www.quine.org/quine.html Best of luck. - Doug
  33. [Quine] September 26, 2007 --- "Pronounciation of Quine" --- Dear Sir, Are the letters between [ ] meant as phonetical symbols? Is Quine pronounced as 'kwinn' or as 'kwain'? 'You ask good questions. Our name is pronounced as [kwine].' Best regards, Kees van Hage --- email: kvhage (at) xs4all.nl
    Dear Kees, Yes, the letters are intended as a pronounciation guide. Quine is NOT pronounced as 'kwinn' or as 'kwain' but rather, as it is spelled, to rhyme with the similarly spelled English words: dine, fine, line, mine, nine, pine, sine, tine, vine, and wine. There is another (much more common) name "Quinn" which would be pronounced 'kwinn'. Best regards - Doug
  34. [Quine] January 12, 2008 --- "What a treasure!" --- Dear Dr. Quine, We came across your websites today while doing some lazy geneological browsing on the internet regarding our family surname, Quine. Unfortunately, we come from a branch of the family tree that was not forthcoming regarding the details of its ancestry. My family is, in fact, quite small. Just myself, (a balding 52 year-old man) my lovely wife and my brilliant son, with some cousins nearby. Just thought we would would introduce ourselves, now that we know you are out there. While our information is sketchy, should there be any component of it that would assist you in your research, please let us know. Regards, James Francis Quine IV --- jamesquine (at) verizon.net
    James, Are you or your family by chance located near Akron, Ohio? I know that there were Manx immigrants there including my great-grandfather's family. Best regards - Doug
  35. [Quine] July 19, 2008 --- "Quine in Ireland" --- Hi, My name is Kathleen Fitzsimons and my grandfather was called John Quine Evans. The story of his name is that the Quine bit was to keep his mothers name alive. Unlike other entries he has, as far as I know no Isle of Man connections but then I never heard anyone speak about his mother. I know there is a Welsh connection but my mother Audrey Eleanor Evans was born in Liverpool. The family had a house in Ireland which they came to each summer but when the war broke out my grandfather sent the family to Ireland (Ardglass). He was in the Medical Corps during the war and stayed on in England afterwards until he retired and joined the family in Ardglass- Ainley House. He died in the 1960s. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Best wishes, Kathleen --- katefitzsimons ((at) yahoo.ie
    Dear Kathleen, As far as we can tell, Quine is uniquely from the Isle of Man (Manx). I'll bet that when you find more information about your great grandmother that you'll find a Manx connection. Quine is a very rare name in most places - but there are pages of them in the small Isle of Man phone book. Best regards - Doug
  36. [Quine] April 26, 2009 --- "Quine in Philippines" --- Hello Mam/Sir
    im the grandson of francisco quine
    my mother simplecia quine
    im rodolfo quine claronino
    im from phillipines
    #43 Sanchez St. Fortune, Marikina City
    i have a certificate w/ my grandfather and grandmother ..
    im grand master of martial arts ..
    can i make a martial art gym in london ..
    if you have any question just reply here .. and i answer it .. Rodolfo Quine Claroniño --- rhome_27 (at) yahoo.com
  37. [Quine] June 23, 2009 --- "Quine in Philippines" --- Good Day Mam/Sir, My name is RODOLFO QUINE CLARONIÑO. I live at #43 Sanchez St. Sanchez Vill. Marikina City. I was born on February 2, 1962 in Ragay Camarines Sur. My Mother's name is SIMPLICIA MORANA QUINE and my Father's is EUFEMIO CLARONIÑO. My grandfather's name is FRANCISCO QUINE. They lived in Ragay Camarines, until they died. My Special Skills are: Grandmaster of Martial Art, Committee of National Fighter year 1987and professional driver, finishing carpenter and wood carving. I want to know your family because my grandfather and i want to know if you are one of the relatives of my grandfather. I saw at the internet about your website of Quine Family Tree and i try to communicate in your website to clarify if my grandfather is one of your relatives. Thank you and regards to all God Bless. Rodolfo Quine Claroniño --- rodolfoquine (at) yahoo.com
    Rodolfo - I've recently had several inquiries regarding "Quine" family members in Central America, South America, and the Pacific. I suspect that there may be a coincidental spelling which is unrelated to the Manx (Isle of Man near England) family of my ancestors. How far back and where can you trace your Quine family name? Regards - Doug
  38. [Quine] April 2, 2010 --- "seeking information about great-grandparents Richard Francis Quine and Elsie Violet Rogers" --- Hi, I am searching for any info on my great grandparents and back furthur but aving trouble. Their names were RICHARD FRANCIS QUINE born 1-6-1926 died 20-2-1988 and he was married to ELSIE VIOLET ROGERS born 4-12-1907 died 13-4-2003 They had 2 children ROGER QUINE born 1928 and RICHARD PETER QUINE born 1933. If anyone has any if please email me at jshaeau (at) yahoo.com.au thank you sam
    Sam, I regret that I don't have any recent Quine history information except for my immediate relatives. I've posted your message in case a reader can help you. Best regards - Doug
  39. [Quine] April 16, 2010 --- Quine Boynton --- Hello I was looking at your family tree and was very interested as I was adopted by William and Nora Quine (nee Gunn) in 1948. My fathers ancestors hailed from the Isle of Mann. I have since located my biological mother in Nottingham UK and found out that my biological father was James Boynton from Nottingham UK. So you can see why the Boynton Quine interested me. James Boynton died around 2000 in Nottingham leaving behind a wife and 2 daughters. I have not tried to locate them. Regards, Elspeth Hibbert --- elspeth.hibbert (at) yahoo.co.uk
    Elspeth, Thanks so much for your message. I must admit that you’re the first person outside my immediate family that I’ve ever heard from with both a Boynton and a Quine connection! I gather that you’re a resident of the UK and therefore are connected to Quine and Boynton families that remained in the UK / Isle of Man (rather than those who came to America). Best regards – Doug
  40. [Quine] Jan. 21, 2017 --- Quine --- HI
    Don’t know if your website is still active. I am descended from Elinor Quine, b 1805, Braddan. Her parents were Edward Quine b1777, Braddan and Elinor Caine b1772, married in 1803. Edward Quine’s father was also Edward Quine, b1744, who married Elinor Cowley at Plaas, in 1773. Edward’s father was Thomas Quine, married to Ellr Cannell.
    I wondered if there is anyone else with these ancestors?
    Sue --- suemharley (at) gmail.com
    Sue, I don't recognize these name so they're not my direct ancestors. The website remains an active resource that is indexed and people use but in this era of social media most communication now occurs outside the primitive guestbook structure that I created 20 years ago. I do see some similar names in entry 172 above. Best regards – Doug