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Douglas Boynton Quine Topic Guest Book - part 2

Douglas Boynton Quine Chronological Guest Book. Each guest book item includes initials of the sender, the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in the Douglas Quine Web Site Ring:

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Douglas Quine Topic Guest Book - part 2 - October 26, 1999 to Present

  1. [DBQ] Oct 26, 1999 "Just to say hello" --- Hello Mr Quine, I was just looking at your page , it has grown a lot since last time I got in. There is a lot a good information here, I just listed in my favorite places settings. I noticed there is an opening in the service department here in Dallas, is Kirk and Scott still the main guys. I hope everything is going well with you, me I just hanging in there. Well untill next time, see you bye. Fred Ayala from Fred Ayala --- Email: member7691 (at) aol.com
  2. [DBQ] Nov 10, 1999 (found site through: alta vista) --- Hello from your namesake in the UK. I live and work in the Gloucester area but as you might guess my family originate from the Isle of Man.I am 46 yeats old and work in computing. I have visit the USA a couple of times, once to New England the other to Los Angeles California. from Douglas Quine --- Email: doug.quine (at) virginnet.co.uk
  3. [DBQ] Nov 16, 1999 from Del Vezeau ---
  4. [DBQ] Dec 24, 1999 "Kudos" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I think that anybody who got a dad like Willard (truly one of the giants of 20th century philosophy) and maintains great web sites on his dad's work, his own work and the Beatles is got to be doing something right in my book. from Jim Farmelant --- Email: farmelantj (at) juno.com
  5. [DBQ] Dec 26, 1999 "Genealogy, FOLK" --- Researching FOLKs from Allen County area, OHIO late 1890's, and later. Please send back your knowledge of the FOLK line. from Bonnie Berry --- Email: bonadine (at) accesstoledo.com
  6. [DBQ] Jan 1, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- i live in haisthorpe, east yorkshire.avillage that used to bepart ofthe burtonagnes estate.haisthorpe hall used to be occupied by your ancestors. i am doing some research to try and find out when the hall and the cottages owned byit were built.iwould be greatful for any help you could give me. leanne shipley from leanne shipley --- Email: a1lea (at) hotmail.com
  7. [DBQ] Jan 28, 2000 "wprb" (found site through: princeton univ. search) --- hi! wonderful page. i just came across this while searching for wprb in the paw archives. i'm the new station manager, as of this week. i was excited to see the station mentioned on your page! the history section's my personal favorite. well, we bought the domain name wprb.com, and we're also broadcasting on the web in real audio. just thought i'd let you know. cool page! from Stephanie --- Email: saobodda (at) princeton.edu Web Page: https://www.wprb.com
  8. [DBQ] Feb 5, 2000 "Boynton" --- nice web sit from Robin Lee Boyer --- Email: Leegate (at) mediaone.net Web Page: https://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/o/y/Robin-G-Boyer/index.html
  9. [DBQ] Feb 7, 2000 "beatles discography" (found site through: by cliking to the word beatles) --- Your site is terrific. I was trying to find the original CAPITOL albums contents and i found them since as you know only the original PARLOPHONE albums are available on CD. THE PAST MASTERS VOL 1 and 2 are must buys. I was also happy to find the live at the bbc and the 3 anthologies 's list songs because i do not intend to buy them. from ALAIN ROBERT --- Email: grdrbt (at) videotron.ca
  10. [DBQ] Feb 12, 2000 "none" (found site through: AOL search) --- Just wanted to say hello and commend you on the web site. I suppose we are distantly related somehow. I am also descended from the same Boynton's. I am from the Georgia branch of the family. My grandfathers left Rowley in the late 1700s and settled in Ga. If I run across anything new for the tree, I will forward it to you. Doug Boynton from Doug Boynton --- Email: Jdboynton (at) aol.com
  11. [DBQ] Feb 25, 2000 "Postal Automation" (found site through: Alta Vista (Search on Comprehensive Statement on Postal Ops.)) --- Mr. Quine, I am working on a project looking into postal automation, and would like to know if your consulting services are available. If so, I would like to opportunity to discuss my project over the phone. I can be reached at 651-905-8407, or I could contact you upon your email response. Thank you in advance, Greg Boeder Senior Consultant Power Systems Research from Greg Boeder --- Email: greg (at) powersys.com Web Page: www.powersys.com
  12. [DBQ] Mar 10, 2000 --- you have a great site come and visit PEPPER SCOTT real soon https://www.freespeech.org/pepperscottinternettv/index.html from pup
  13. [DBQ] Mar 16, 2000 --- PEPPER SCOTT INTERNET RADIO Toronto
  14. [DBQ] Mar 19, 2000 "Barcodes and Guestbooks" (found site through: tracerlock) --- Very impressive guestbook. Nice to see the interest in barcodes--I've been using for years with databases. from Stephen Boursy --- Email: boursy (at) churchstate.net Web Page: https://www.churchstate.net
  15. [POSTNET] Mar 20, 2000 "WHAT IS POSTNET" (found site through: MSN SEARCH) --- question - i need to describe postnet, who it works & the advantages it provides which is difficult when you dont know what it is ! what is postnet from LEEANNE DIVINEY --- Email: LEEDIVINEY (at) HOTMAIL.COM
  16. [POSTNET] Mar 20, 2000 "What Is POSTNET Barcode?" (found site through: I'm the webmaster) --- The POSTNET barcode is the tall bar and short bar black barcode (usually 62 bars) in the address area or the lower right corner of an envelope that passes through the United States Postal Service. It encodes the ZIP code of the front door of a house or mailbox. It makes it possible for the post office to sort mail to the destination using automation equipment rather than people sorting manually. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/postnetj.html
  17. [POSTNET] Mar 25, 2000 "Associate Supervisor Program" (found site through: Hotbot.com) --- Do you have any newsletters or anything else that states the test score requirements needed to successfully pass the Associate Supervisor Program test? The test is the initial one that employees take to be admitted into the ASP program. If you have any, would you be kind enough to send them to my address: Ron Jennings 5025 FM 2351 # 1002 Friendswood, Texas 77546-2819 (281) 992-4444 Thanks very much, and I appreciate any help that you can give me in this. from Ron Jennings --- Email: RJEN4444 (at) aol.com
  19. [DBQ] Apr 20, 2000 "international postnet codes" (found site through: Google) --- I found a lot of useful information on your site. How widely used are the international barcodes? On the international barcodes are there any other codes used for the 10th and 11th digits? from Ray DeFrances --- Email: rdefrances (at) prodigy.net
  20. [DBQ] Apr 25, 2000 "health" (found site through: alta vista) --- Really liked the Beatles information on your site. Very impressive! from Joyce Holthaus --- Email: Sjholty (at) aol.com Web Page: www.SimplyReliv.com
  21. [DBQ] Jun 29, 2000 "Boynton Reunion" (found site through: It was so long ago, I don't remember) --- A few months ago I saw on some Boynton website, questions about what people would like to see at an upcoming reunion (actually it was two, one in New York and one in California). I tried to find it again to check the dates and info, and have been unsuccessful. Did anyone else see this information, and if so, could someone please tell me. I shared the fact that there was going to be a reunion with a fellow researcher, and went to find the info for her and could not. Now I am begining to feel like I imagined it. I would appreciate any info that anyone has. Thanks for your help. Denise from Denise Boynton Varallo --- Email: raptors2 (at) home.com
  22. [DBQ] Jul 26, 2000 "infrasound recordings" --- Mr.Quine, I am currently doing an infrasound study and have some questions concerning recording outdoors in a zoo setting. The signals I am looking at are around 14hz. I am also looking for a sound expert to help with recording protocols and analysis. Any reccomendations? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stacy Lester from Stacy Lester --- Email: Giraffeslester (at) cs.com
  23. [DBQ] Aug 22, 2000 "Internet Video Cafe" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Heya guys... just surfed on by looking for kewl sites... yours looks really nice... maybe check out my site sometimes... https://www.ivideocafe.com ... it's a free music/video site for musicians... upload your music/video/image files for free to promote your music around the world. See you there :) from conrad --- Email: conrad (at) ivideocafe.com Web Page: https://www.ivideocafe.com
  24. [POSTNET] Sep 17, 2000 "mailing cost" (found site through: yahoo) --- hi how much would it cost me if i mailed 3rd class box to whitefield maine from staten island ny. weight of 30 lbs. thanks jack from jack --- Email: moe10621 (at) aol.com
  25. [DBQ] Oct 5, 2000 "Postal Buddy" (found site through: Google) --- Hi, Doug... It's Sid Goodman, creator of the Postal Buddy. Hope all is well. I've got a great deal of Postal Buddy memorabilia, including first day issues signed by the Postmaster General, framed and signed stuff, etc. which I am looking to sell. Any suggestions would be appreciated. from Sidney Goodman --- Email: sidney (at) cassstreet.com
  26. [POSTNET] Oct 16, 2000 "workplace violence" --- Can you provide info & data on workplace violence? Also, USPS Commision report on a "Safe and secure Workplace," ("Going Postal"). from Carlos Aulet --- Email: caulet (at) revenue.state.il.us
  27. [POSTNET] Oct 30, 2000 "Australia Post 4-state barcode" --- Anybody you know reading the 4-stae barcode used in Australia ?? from Gary Murphy --- Email: gmurphy (at) ibml.com Web Page: ibml.com">ibml.com
  28. [DBQ] Nov 28, 2000 "Did you go to Princeton?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Doug, I'm impressed with your varied interests and webpage. Just wondering if you are the Doug Quine I knew at Princeton, Class of 1973, at the legendary Colonial Club? Please let me know. Thanks. Don Pickels, Class of '73 from Don Pickels --- Email: donpickels (at) pdq.net
  29. [DBQ] Dec 12, 2000 "Questions on the Beatles." (found site through: Dogpile) --- I was wondering if you know who sings the lead on Lady Madonna, my wife says Ringo...But it sounds a little like Paul to me? Also your web site is awesome...thanks from Sly Silvast --- Email: debandsly (at) uzoom.net
  30. [DBQ] Dec 29, 2000 "Condolance" --- Dear Douglas Quine and family. It is with deep regret I today received an email message from Dagfinn Føllesdal informing that Willard Van Orman Quine left this world on Christmas Day. Quine visited here in Guovdageaidnu, Norway in the summer of 1970. His publications have been of incomparable importance to my study of philosophy and for some published points of view. Dagfinn has mailed me a memorial statement that will be filed here at the municipal museum. With regret and participation Guovdageaidnu, December 29th, 2000 AD Alf Isak Keskitalo Curator / Museum Manager from Alf Isak Keskitalo --- Email: alf-is (at) online.no
  31. [DBQ] Jan 1, 2001 (found site through: From philosopher Harry Lewis) --- Dear Doug I have just heard the news of Van's death from Dagfinn Follesdal.I do not think T have seen you since 1963 and Margaret since 1979 0r 1982. I would like to write to Margaret. Could you remind me of her married name and of her address? Van was the greatest philosopher of AT LEAST the second half of the 20th century. With best wishes from my wife Elizabeth and me Jack Smart from Jack Smart --- Email: John.Smart (at) arts.monash.edu.au
  32. [POSTNET] Jan 3, 2001 "Postnet Website" (found site through: Yahoo) --- A fun and informative site. Thanks. from doug --- Email: macduggles (at) hotmail.com
  33. [DBQ] Jan 20, 2001 "Man of Grace" (found site through: Google) --- When I was a lowly undergraduate philosophy student, I sent your father a letter asking if he would speak at my college. He responded with a hand-written note I still have. Graciously, he came to our college, spoke to students and faculty with ease and kindness. Walking around the campus with him, as he told me of his early years as a student of language and only later a student of philosophy, were moments I will always remember. from Eric Rubenstein --- Email: ymfj (at) grove.iup.edu
  34. [DBQ] Jan 28, 2001 "Hi from Ireland" --- Hi from Ireland. Could you plese e-mail me any information on the arrival of the Quines in Ireland. I live in Co. Galway on the west coast of Ireland. My father is John Quine my Grandfather was James Quine (died around 1958) and I know that his father was also form Galway. Kindest regards Margaret Quine from Margaret Quine --- Email: ardilaun (at) iol.ie
  35. [POSTNET] Feb 11, 2001 "Question about postal barcode postdate" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- I have a post card that is not postmarked/dated but only barcoded in orange. is there a way I can decode the bar code to find out what the postmark date was???? It looks like this 1 11111 11111 11 1 111 1 1 11 1 11111 1 1 111 11 1111111 1 thank you for any help you can offer!!! from Liz Pelonzi --- Email: lizp (at) gateway.net
  36. [POSTNET] Feb 15, 2001 "Wow!" (found site through: Dogpile, I think. Probably Google, too.) --- A professor assigned me the task of decoding postal bar codes. I'm so glad that you're here! from Jess --- Email: jesshess42 (at) hotmail.com
  37. [DBQ] Feb 26, 2001 "Amino-oxyacetic Acid and Tinnitus" (found site through: Google) --- Dear Dr Quine, I'm Tham from Malaysia, a lifelong tinnitus sufferer, probably of the central type. The search for an effective drug or nutrient led me to your site. I understand that Amino-oxyacetic acid has been used with some success in the treatment of tinnitus. I would be happy if you could tell me more about it and its side effects. Is it being marketed as a drug under any particular brand name ? Thank you. Kind regards, Tham Wai Keong from Tham Wai Keong --- Email: falcon66 (at) usa.net
  38. [POSTNET] Feb 27, 2001 "Address Verification and Barcode Reader" (found site through: Google) --- Is anyone aware of a vendor that supplies either a hand held with download capabilities or a stand alone system that will read a barcode already in the address block and do two things. 1 verify the barcode can be read 2 verify that the barcode is the correct one for the applied address from ATL --- Email: along (at) email.usps.gov
  39. [DBQ] Mar 3, 2001 "Hello" (found site through: www.wvquine.org) --- Yesterday's celebration of your father's life was an extraordinary and very moving event. Thank you for the enormous effort (I assume) you put into bringing it about. Thank you also for the valuable web site you've created, which incidentally provides me an easier way to say hello than waiting to shake your hand to offer condolences and praise would have done. If you think back to your early years spent in Belmont, you may be able to remember me, Fred, and our two daughters, Sandy and Laura. We lived about a block away. Probably not. Your father was instrumental in my becoming a psychologist, for which I will always thank him. In the fall of 1939, I took his symbolic logic course, intending to become a philosopher. His brilliance was awesome. It made me realize that I could, at best, teach others what I had learned with considerable difficulty from him. Reading Plato, Kant and Whitehead had not been as persuasive. You may be interested in seeing snapshots of your father in the early 1940's. If so, please get in touch. from Babette ("Babbie") S. Whipple --- Email: portwhip (at) msn.com
  40. [POSTNET] Mar 12, 2001 "Tracking of origin of an anonymous letter" (found site through: same as above ) --- I want to know if there is any way, perhaps using the barcoding on an envelope, to find out approximately where it was mailed from that has been mailed anonymously? What is this barcoding used for? from Jeannie --- Email: jeo (at) uplandindustries.com
  41. [DBQ] Mar 13, 2001 "HOMING PIGEON "FOUND" ME ABOUT A YEAR AGO!" (found site through: MSN.COM) --- What is the common nesting habits for a "misplaced" homing pigeon, now living in Central Florida on a hog farm? He/she never leaves the farm, but where is he/she likely to be nesting? She is banded -- is there a way to find her origin from the band number? from MARCIA FLEMING, DVM --- Email: KATHE999 (at) MSN.COM Web Page: www.AFFORDABLETREESERVICE.NET
  42. [DBQ] Mar 13, 2001 "HOMING PIGEON "FOUND" ME ABOUT A YEAR AGO!" (found site through: MSN.COM) --- What ARE the common nesting habits for a "misplaced" homing pigeon, now living in Central Florida on a hog farm? He/she never leaves the farm, but where is he/she likely to be nesting? She is banded -- is there a way to find her origin from the band number? from MARCIA FLEMING, DVM --- Email: KATHE999 (at) MSN.COM Web Page: www.AFFORDABLETREESERVICE.NET
  43. [DBQ] Mar 13, 2001 "Decoding Pigeon Bands" (found site through: my web page) --- The metal band on the pigeon's leg with raised letters should tell the year the bird was born and the registration number. This will be a few characters identifying the owner plus the bird's ID number. The American Racing Pigeon Council: https://www.arpu.org/ https://www.arpu.org/fancierscounsil.html (don't blame me for the spelling) They should be able to tell you the information if you contact them with the details. Note, some pigeon racers are not very happy with the birds that stay away (they didn't home) and therefore may not have much use for them in another race that they will lose. On the other hand some may want them because of tgheir history or for breeding purposes. They often nest in a corner in the barn or outside - they build a simple nest if they are breeding or just sleep in the eves if they are not breeding. I'd be interested in the result.... Regards - from Doug Web Page: www.triskelion-ltd.com
  44. [DBQ] Mar 14, 2001 --- send me mail with info from james --- Email: james (at) tce.sc.gov.br
  45. [DBQ] Apr 4, 2001 "ooohhhh" (found site through: ....) --- oh yee-owgh/bay,bee yo'Daddeh's serene despoliations [re: 2 dogmas] from abe smith --- Email: abesmi (at) hotmail.com
  46. [DBQ] Apr 9, 2001 "MISREPRESENTATION" (found site through: YAHOO) --- IN THE SPIRIT OF HONEST BUSINESS PRACTICE AND TO SHOW SUPPORT OF LEGAL ACTION TO CORRECT AN ILLEGAL PRACTICE, I HOPE YOUR PUBLICATION WILL BE INTERESTED IN PUBLISHING THIS ACCOUNT OF MISREPRESENTATION AND POSSIBLE FRAUD BY ANTHONY'S STAMPS OF NEW JERSEY. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT ME (at) : 805 528 3333. THAK YOU, BUDD SANFORD ACCOUNT OF FACTS Apparently it is an acceptable practice in the stamp and coin selling industry to misrepresent the actual cash values of collections whether selling on-line or at auction according to Robert of Anthony's Stamps in a recent phone conversation with me. Hello, my name is Budd Sanford. I am a 100% disabled American who has been a stamp collector for more than 35 years. In October of 2000, I decided to use my love of stamps in an attempt to get off disability income by selling US stamps on the E-Bay, so I sought a viable stock in which to invest my savings. I carefully watched E-Bay offerings and eventually was attracted to an advertisement by Anthony's Stamps for a large "Important US collection" with a stated Scott Catalogue Value of "$90,000 plus," with an opening bid of $15,900. I contacted Anthony's, expressed my interest and explained my intentions to begin a business. After discussions with Robert and certain assurances from him, I purchased the collection. Since I was new to selling, I asked Robert to include a list with "suggested beginning bids" for some of the important stamps, which he did. Upon receipt of the collection, I sat with my 2001 Scott Catalogue and carefully culled it stamp by stamp and confirmed a catalogue value of over $100,000. I then placed the stamps valued at hundred dollars ($100) or more in to individual glassine envelopes and appropriately identified each bas before listing on the E-Bay. I listed a number of these stamps in good faith on the E-Bay with optimistic enthusiasm based on the significant number of important items being offered at 50% or less of their SCV. These included unused copies of the #10, 67, 85B, 98, 122, 132, 153, 187, 218, 313, and 404, the Zeps and Columbians. I eventually sold the three (3) Zeps, the unused 153 and some of the lesser value stamps. During this time, the person who purchased the 153 agreed to purchase the unused 98 for $1750, stipulating a PSE Certification prior to completion of transaction and sent a deposit. While waiting for the Certification of the 98, I received additional deposits from other collectors for the unused #10 (at) $2,000 and unused 67 (at) $14,000 under conditions of PSE Certification. I also began negotiations with a collector for the sale of the balance of the collection who requested PSE certification of 37 specified stamps. Before I was ready to send the additional stamps to PSE, I received the Certificate for the 98 and was extremely disappointed! It Certified as a "genuine 77P with FAKE PERFORATIONS, GUM and GRILL." A stamp worth maybe $10 instead of $3,000. I decided to exercise caution and not submit all 37 stamps but rather chose a group that included unused copies of: #10, #67, #85B, #117, #119, #122, #187, # 313 and used copies of the #64 and 64a. The results were devastating. The #10 certified as an 11. The #67 certified, "used with REMOVED PEN CANCE." The 85B certified, "genuine unused." The unused #117 certified, "used, clean cancel, REGUMMED over sealed tear at bottom and REPORFORATED at Top." The #119 certified "unused, with non-contemporary gum added." The #122 certified "genuine unused, REGUMMED..." The unused #187 certified "used, REMOVED PEN CANCEL and REGUMMED over tiny faults." The #313 certified "genuine unused, o.g." Both the 64 and 64A certified as 65's. The Gross SCV loss from the original advertised value of "$90,000 plus" was $27,770. I immediately contacted Anthony's, advised them of the situation and requested they correct they make the following corrections: 1) Replace the #10, 67 and 98 with genuine certifiable copies. 2) Replace any additional stamps certified by PSE that were not as represented with actual copies or other stamps of equal values. 3) Advance cost of Certification for the balance of 27 stamps with the understanding that I would reimburse them for all that Certified genuine and to replace any that certified not as originally represented. In a phone conversation with Robert, I was informed that Anthony's would agree to replace the #10 and 98 but not the 67. I reminded him that all three stamps had been sold and deposits received. Rather than acknowledging this, he chose to doubt my sale price of $14,000 just before telling me that an unused 67 with Certificate would bring as much as $35,000 at auction. I suppose that was his way of telling me that they would not even consider replacing the 67 because it was worth much more than the sale price of the collection. This is despite the fact that they had included the SCV of an unused copy to determine their advertised value of the collection and despite the fact that an unused copy had been certified by Robert himself on his "suggested starting bids" list. I requested they replace the 122 and he said it would not be replaced because it certified as a genuine original and that even though it was REGUMMED, it still had a value. When I asked him what that value was, he said I would be able to sell it for $1500. When I asked the SCV he said that $2500 would be an accurate figure. When I reminded him that this represented a loss of $6250 over the originally represented amount and requested a stamp or stamps to make up the difference, he said that I had to accept the full SCV of $8750 and that Anthony's would not discuss this stamp. He then said Anthony's would replace certain stamps with like values but not necessarily the exact replacements, and refused to authorize the other 27 stamps to be Certified. I reminded him that in order to determine and correct any additional misrepresentations, Certification of the additional 27 stamps was necessary and that it was their responsibility to assist. I reminded him that they had advertised the collection with a "$90,000 + value" with no disclaimers, but under the current circumstances the collection had obviously been misrepresented. The discussion ended with a promise by Robert to call me back the following day (Friday, March 30) at 5P (PST). I received no call. On Sunday, April 2, I received an e-mail, text below: "Hello, In regard to our conversation of March 29, 2001 concerning the US Stamp collection; as promised we can supply one of the two following things: 1) You may return the collection intact for a refund in full, or 2) We will replace anything not authentic with equal catalog value but not necessarily the same catalog number. Furthermore, you stated you were making a tremendous profit from your sale of this collection. We certainly cannot guarantee your profit or resale of the material. Please advise your election of either option 1 or 2 by close of business, Tuesday April 3, 2001. Sincerely, Anthony's PS Was hoping to call to discuss this with you, but have been called out of the area." On Monday, April 2, I called Anthony's and had a brief conversation with someone who said he was "Anthony." I sent him 10 pages of documents detailing and confirming the circumstances of the situation. I also filed a complaint with E-Bay. As of April 7, neither E-Bay nor myself have received a response from Anthony. Since my conversation with Anthony, I received calls from two of the Buyers concerning their purchases. After updating them on the situation, they both indicated their reluctance to continue waiting without immediate positive results. I sent a FAX to Anthony requesting an immediate response and received the following e- mail on April 8: Hi, Received your correspondence and was hoping to reply yesterday, but our DSL line went down. As previously stated, we would happily make a full refund for the collection returned intact. Please respond by April 11. We do not wish to carry on a never ending ongoing correspondence. Sincerely, Anthony's I have discussed the facts of this case with an attorney who agrees that there is gross misrepresentation with the possibility of fraud (intended or unintended; to be determined) based on the advertised guarantee of a $90,000+ SCV, and that anyone advertising merchandise with any stated value without a disclaimer is liable. In addition, any Party doing business on the Internet is subject to individual state and Federal laws governing commerce as well as laws of any country where their product is bought or sold. A Party selling any product is responsible for their claims and representations. Any Party who purchases a product, then later represents that product for sale and the product fails to meet the advertised standards, both Parties are liable: the second seller to the current Buyer and the original Seller to the original Buyer. The original Seller is not only liable for the original value of the product sold but is also liable for any and all costs, expenses and financial losses (if any) incurred by the original Buyer who acted in good faith based on the original representation(s) made by the original Seller. I borrowed money to invest in this business to get off of the disability income rolls. I believed that the merchandise I purchased had an authentic minimum catalogue value of "$90,000+"as advertised and verbally confirmed by a representative of the Seller. Because of the misrepresentations by Anthony's Stamps and their refusal to acknowledge and correct their misrepresentations, my fledgling business and reputation has suffered irreparable character and financial losses. According to Robert of Anthony's, it has been a long standing practice that all people who purchase collections of coins or stamps are forced to accept misrepresentations of value as long as those misrepresentations do not exceed the original selling price, or to accept a remedy that is at the sole discretion of the Seller. He said to me, "If this were Greg Manning Auctions, they would just laugh at you (me)." It is time to take action to stop this unacceptable and illegal practice and to protect collectors and dealers who have been victimized by these Sellers. To do this it is necessary to file a CLASS ACTION suit in Federal court to seek "Retroactive" financial remedies for all Buyers and hold Sellers liable to obey the existing laws of commerce as they apply to advertising and product representation. If you have purchased a collection or collections from any source within the past two-years and would care to be a passive participant in this action, please FAX me (at) (805) 528 5555 or e-mail me (at) : GANDALFONE (at) NETZERO.NET for details. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address and any appropriate phone contact numbers. Sincerely, BUDD SANFORD from BUDD SANFORD --- Email: GANDALFONE (at) NETZERO.NET
  47. [DBQ] Apr 12, 2001 "MPH resources" (found site through: google) --- Looking for sources of modern postal history, esp commercial covers. I am finding this to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. from Andrew Oleksiuk --- Email: andyo (at) mcs.com Web Page: "https://www.chicagopex.com"
  48. [DBQ] May 2, 2001 "Please help..." (found site through: MSN) --- Hi, I am doing this research paper that is due by this friday on POSTNET Codes and I was wondering if you know the history of them...ie...when they were created, by whom, where, and who patented them...if you know any of this info. or of you know just where to direct me for it....I would greatly appreciate it...Thank-you! Ronda :) from Ronda --- Email: flowerofthesun (at) hotmail.com
  49. [DBQ] May 17, 2001 "Football (soccer) Stamps for sale/trade." (found site through: WWW) --- It is very interest phil site. Please, visit my one. from Simon Milkus --- Email: bravo (at) paco.net Web Page: "https://www.angelfire.com/biz/Ukrainian/boll.html "
  50. [DBQ] May 18, 2001 "" --- Holy Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge revealed to seekers of truth. Results of 40 years of relentless research. Most amazing web site! Thank you. from Claude Revelation --- Email: peace9 (at) sympatico.ca Web Page: "https://www.holy-secrets.com"
  51. [DBQ] Jul 20, 2001 "i want to see the list here in" (found site through: all ) --- please i want to see the list here in please thanks from rev_adamu --- Email: rev_adamu (at) yahoo.com Web Page: all
  52. [DBQ] Jul 28, 2001 "Great Website!" (found site through: Google) --- Congratulations on a great website! I really enjoyed my visit! from Justin Speer --- Email: justin_speer (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://www.galleryimports.com
  53. [POSTNET] Aug 1, 2001 "POSTNET BAR CODE and Microsoft Word" (found site through: Excite) --- I have written a Visual BASIC application that produces letters...I need to print the ZIP+4+2 under each address...how would I incorporate this into my software/ from Gerald McDowell --- Email: president (at) thejilascompany.com
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    Subject: POSTNET barcode software John - You can use my POSTNET barcode decoding software online (you type in "." and "1" for short and tall bars on your computer keyboard) for free immediately if you wish: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/postnetj.html If you want to buy a copy for stand-alone use that can be done and I can email you a ZIP file with the software for installation on your own computer. If you want an automatic reader, I do not have one. If you wish to CREATE POSTNET barcodes, I do not have that software either. I believe, however, that it may be possible to create them in Microsoft Word (envelope). Online postage meters (like Pitney Bowes ClickStamp) I believe also create them. I don't know about software for other specific applications although an Internet search would probably find some. Good luck - Doug
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  99. [POSTNET] Nov 7, 2002 "Mail Flow Chart" (found site through: quine's mail info) --- Do you know where I could find a good mail flow chart by MODS oper's starting from the dock and ending at the dock. from Prentice Goodman --- Email: Stimey923 (at) aol.com
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  101. [POSTNET] Nov 26 2002 "Handheld Postnet barcode reader" --- Both the IT4410 and IT4710 from HHP read Postnet and other Postal symbologies. Just thought you'd want to know. www.hhp.com From: "Timothy Ward" [DBQ] Dec 8, 2002 "wide area bar code reader" (found site through: google) --- Hello Dr. Quine, I have recently acquired a very large number of the postal machines from which they are upgrading. Both the camera and the computer. We can, after the cost of trucking and storage and labor net about $20 per set just scrapping out (I've been offered $10 ea for the lenses). If you knew of a way or group or country such that these could produce more return on our investment, we would be delighted to pay a generous commission. This could be substantial, there are 15,000 sets! (We don't have all them yet, they are coming in two tractor trailer loads per week). I don't know what the value of these things are, but I suspect that if some country or organization is already using and wants more it would cost them a fortune! Please let me know if you have any interest, and if not perhaps you know someone who would be interested? Best regards, Ed Douglas P.S. Please excuse the crude web site, it's only been in place a very short time and I've been too busy to attend to it properly! from Edwin A. Douglas --- Email: ed (at) computershopsupply.com Web Page: www.computershopsupply.com
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  105. [DBQ] March 4, 2003 "Geocaching and POSTNET codes" Your online postal barcode decoder was a great help for us in a little game we participate in called "geocaching." If you're interested, you can check this link ( https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=54280) and it will be obvious how we found it useful. Thanks again! Gary and Diann --- teamtroglodyte (at) yahoo
    Gary and Diann - Thank you for the guest book message. Very impressive "hobby" - It is remarkable that there are people with the resources and time to actually get to the bottom of such a puzzle. Just decoding POSTNET is enough to stop most people. On mail, the 5 digit POSTNET is rare these days. Usually it is the 11 digit which encodes (plus digit 12 for checksum) to the front door of a residential house (apartments are a little more complex). With that system you could encode a front door of a one family house with a simple 11 digit barcode. Currently I don't have a good reverse lookup system but knowing the street address of a house, I can tell whether the 11 digit POSTNET barcode on the the mail is indeed the correct one for that house. Best regards - Doug
  106. [DBQ] April 17, 2003 "Addition to Your List of Postal Themed Movies" As an addition to your list of movies is the really bad movie "Dear God" in which Greg Kinnear is a con man who, under duress, gets a job in the USPS dead letter office and, as a result of a boomeranging scam attempt, ends up helping people. It is so bad that when Tim Conway acts inept and hapless he seems not funny but just the least bad of a bad cast. By strange coincidence, I was at the National Postal Forum and was channel surfing when I came across this movie. - MEF
  107. [DBQ] May 14, 2003 "Search Engine and Newspaper Resources" Quite a site there with a ton of resources - just thought I would mention a couple of good sites that you might find useful,first is one with a ton of search engines - all in one place-this one is www.aniota.com ..... and another handy one for all the newspapers in the US is www.newspaperlinks.com ...Thanks for all the info at your site!! Respectfully,Walt .... WALT4286 (at) aol
  108. [DBQ] June 19, 2003 " USPS Handbook PO-603 " Sirs: I am a rural carrier and attempting to locate current copies of the Handbook PO-603. (Last one we had was June, 1991) Can you advise what steps I should take and where I can locate same? Thanks, S
    Please find attached a copy from 1998 USPS Handbook PO-603. It may be opened in your Internet browser. Best regards - Doug
  109. [DBQ] July 17, 2003 "How do I search a US Postal tracking number?" I have tracking number VB000000000US and was trying to locate a site to search for U.S. Postal tracking. Can you help? thanks Dawn
    Dear Dawn: The USPS tracking web site is: USPS Trace and Track However, the "tracking" number that you provided reports that tracking service was not purchased. I believe that some items have a DELIVERY confirmation number but not a TRACKING number. Regards - Doug
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    Added to www.triskelion-ltd.com/more.html and www.quine.org/more.html and www.wvquine.org/more.html - thanks - Doug
  111. [DBQ] Sept 19, 2003 "Homing pigeons" sir, i will love that you help me with materials that will assist my research and study on homing of animals expecially pigeons. my postal adrress is Matthew Kolo, dept of Physics, F.U.T, Pmb 65, MInna, Niger State, Nigeria. Thank you sir. -- Matthew Kolo email: matthewkolo (at) yahoo.com
    Matthew, This is a huge topic that you are asking for assistance with. I recommend that you read articles by W. T. Keeton (USA), F. Papi (Italy), M. Kreithen (USA), and S. Gavreaux (USA). There are also excellent books by F. Papi and H. G. Wallraff ("Avian Navigation"), D. J. Aidley ("Animal Migration"), and P. Street ("Animal Migration and Navigation"). Best regards - Doug
  112. [DBQ] Sept 19, 2003 "full list of actual USPS barcodes for foreign countries" In which documents can I find the full list of actual USPS barcodes for foreign countries? Best regards, Leonid Zharikov
    Leonid - Thanks for your note. The full citation of the paper is: Quine, DB. 1998a. "Intentional USPS POSTNET Barcodes On International Mail", IDENT: Journal of the Postal Mechanisation Study Circle 21 (4): 56-68. The list is provided on-line in: https://www.quine.org/phil-pub.html - Best regards - Doug
    Thank you very much for your answer! Best regards, Leonid Zharikov